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Zeb Dicks Braxton

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Zeb’s back! Zeb’s back! And… Zeb is back! It’s also worth pointing out that, along with Zeb’s being back, he’s looking even hotter! He’s looking so hot, in fact, that when it came time to decide just who would break in Braxton and get a dick up his ass for the first time for us, Zeb came to mind immediately.Sure, we’re all excited Zeb is back. But I think Braxton discovers here just how thankful he should be that Zeb has returned to CF after taking a short break. Mind you, once Braxton sees Zeb’s big cock appear he might have been a bit intimidated. Once that cock was in his hole and pumping away, though, Braxton couldn’t help but grunt and groan and moan, “Oh fuck! Oh my god!”.Clearly, Zeb built up some sexual energy while he was away - once he gets his dick in Braxton’s hole he starts fucking him mercilessly with long, steady strokes. He uses every inch of that big cock to work over Braxton’s hole, eventually fucking a big load out of Braxton and driving him wild. As hot as Braxton’s load was, though, it’s nothing compared to the one Zeb starts spraying all over the place (but mostly all over Braxton) when he finally goes over the top!

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