The Athletic Supporter

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

This prime, and we mean prime with a capitol 'P' slab of hairy Italian heat starts out by pumping some iron and its no surprise that gets his already overactive hormones into high gear. What is shocking is that there is enough sap in the human body to stretch out pecs that full and slab of pepperoni that big until that big pole causes such a bulge in those work shorts of his that we could see it thobbing from across the room.Right in his home gym, Austin craves to bust a nut before even finishing his last set and who are we to stand in the way of a hung hairy stud and his load? Just restraining that monster in his pants must have been painful...we didn't need to see how swollen his balls were, even a color blind man could see how blue his balls were.As he pulled down his shorts and hauled out that bloated pouch, we were in for another surprise...despite the size of the mound, he was only at half mast. Austin isn't just a shower...he's a grower too. He was so horned up and leaking like a faucet, he went right to beating his meat with no need for lube. The layer of fine dark hair covering his body was soon covered in the soft sheen of a sexual frenzy as that bloated ball sack got fuller with every stroke until it looked like they eggs would explode right our of the skin. With a curl of the toes and low long moan, Austin laid down on the bench and pumped out a man size serving of juice that left him breathless and just might have the same effect on you!

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