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Sex Chronicles With Skater Sluts

Release Year: 2004
Cast: Ian Madrox, Jt Reese, Jeremiah, Brady, Evan Heinze, Tyson Nash. Dustin , Bucky
Genres: Twinks, Skater Boys, Anal, Oral, Doll Fucking
Video language: English

Check out the ultra-hot 3 way fuck-fest, a 4 man Blow-up Doll Bonanza and first time gay-ghetto thugz action! Straight skater stud Ian Madrox shows off a neat trick as he rubs one out inside his patented "condom balloon." Next, big-dicked blonde twink hottie JT Reese accompanied by his work out butt-buddies Brady and Jeremiah get busy on the couch for an ultra hot 3-way fuck fest! "Blow Up Doll Bonanza" is what happens when 4 straight SaggerSkaterz stars Ian , Evan , Tyson and Dustin get their bone on by punishing Plastic Pam's every orifice before pumping out four massive loads. Finally, first time ghetto thugz Dustin and Bucky head out on a camping trip to see who can pitch the best tent!

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Duration: 1:58:00
Video: 512x384, XviD, 1543kbps
Audio: 31kbps

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Thomas Ride

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Thomas Ride
Video language: English

Spectacular. One word may say everything you need to know about the super-hot Thomas Ride but we’ll take our time describing his sexual skills, just as he takes his time showing them off! Thomas has it going on, starting with his sexy brown eyes and great smile. Then his shirt’s peeled off and we were blown away by those huge pecs, gorgeous nipples and sensational six-pack. His upper body is truly a work of art (with plenty of stops at the gym). We can’t remember the last time a man looked so hot in such tiny briefs. Things got even hotter when Thomas’ cock popped out. It was rock hard, several inches long, and curved to the left. Thomas laid back on the bed and was treated to some ball-licking and cock-sucking. We especially loved watching him on his knees getting rimmed. After gorging on his friend’s tits and tonguing her pussy, Thomas’ man meat was ridden in style before he started to plow her from behind. The hottest scene was saved for last. His massive upper body muscles bathed in sweat, Thomas finally pulls his raw cock out and the cum just explodes from the head of his dick. Like we said, spectacular!

Humiliated and exposed in front of a leering crowd

Release Year: 2010
Video language: English

Deep in his newly submissive nightmare of captivity and obedience, Dimitri cringes as I frogmarch him through the crowd, handcuff him and pull his trousers down. His arsecheeks exposed to the open air and stares of strangers, his straight cock is protected only by the skimpy jockstrap. Dimitri cowers in embarrasment as I pull his shirt up and over his head, his toned body on show to all and sundry.
As if being stared at and dragged around like a piece of meat isn't bad enough for the formerly proud straight football fan, I also clamp his nipples with some nasty clover clamps, and, with the attention of curious, excited onlookers, give the chain a few hard tugs, making the miserable boy grimace in pain while trying to hide his shame and agony from the sneering crowd.
I invite strangers to touch Dimitri's body, now my possession, no longer his own. I order him to bend over in front of sniggering, pointing boys, who photograph his exposed arse and sneer at the blushing straight man's humiliation.
Dimitri flinches away as a random guy grabs his nipple clamps and gives them a hard yank - my straight fucktoy is at the mercy of not just me, but any random lout I care to give him to.
But it's only going to get worse for our bitch boy. We drag him round the corner, and push him to his knees next to a busy road, before clamping his already sore nipples and holding him in place for our sexual pleasure. Cars honk as Mo shoves his dick into the cowering, frightened man's virginal arsehole, but we don't care if the entire town can see his bum being reamed - we want to get our ends away.
Cyclists cruise past just a few feet away as I shove my dick down Dimitri's throat, and the curious riders stare over at the humiliated man on all fours, shamefully lapping at my cock and balls like an animal.

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Duration: 12:39
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Angelo Marks

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Angelo Marks
Video language: English

Those lips! Those eyes! That body! It’s the sum of those parts that makes us love every inch of Angelo Marks. When his playmate unbuttons his shirt, she reveals one of the most perfectly-sculpted chests you’ll ever see. It gets even better when his jeans and underwear come off. Angelo’s cock is a thing of beauty. It falls out of the briefs semi-erect and is instantly slurped and swallowed. Angelo’s considerable assets also include a round tight ass and the camera moves in close as his friend alternates between cock-sucking and a rim job. Angelo then moves into the driver’s seat. After eating some pussy, he shifts into fuck-mode and once you see him drill his partner you’ll know why the word “bang” is associated with fucking. There are so many great shots where you can see Angelo’s body flexing as he fucks, but the shot you’ll really remember is the cum shot he lets loose.

Happy Hour

Release Year: 2019
Cast: Bunny Colby, Ruckus, Wolf Hudson
Genres: Bisexual, Hardcore, Big Tits, Anal, Threesome, Blowjob, Big Dick, Blonde, Condom, Tattoo & Piercing
Video language: English

Ruckus finds himself on the streets when his girlfriend tosses him out. His buddy Wolf Hudson offers him a place to stay but Ruckus is worried it might be weird. You see, he used to date Wolf's wife Bunny Colby. But that's okay, nothing will be weird promises the married couple. Ruckus is relieved and goes to sleep in their guest room. Soon, he is joined by the wife who misses his cock so much. Soon enough, they are joined by the husband .Apparently, he too would like to see what his wife has missed. Ruckus always thought Wolf was straight but tonight, as he rode up and down on that big cock, he started having second thoughts. This whole bi thing is pretty cool he figured.

Format: mp4
Duration: 48:23
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3331kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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Girth Brooks II

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Girth Brooks II
Video language: English

All men may be created equal but with the introduction of Girth Brooks II we are offering unequivocal proof that all men are not endowed equally! We have fun with Girth’s name for obvious reasons: the guy’s cock is almost as big around as it is long. He was lucky to find a woman who could get her mouth over the head and down the shaft. We could go on and on about his family jewels but if you’re into asses, he’s golden in that area as well. We love watching Girth get it rimmed before he decides to take command and spread his lady’s legs open to eat her pussy. Then it’s round two of her sucking him off before he spit-lubes his pole up and slips it inside her (check out that vein by the way!). Props to the cameraman for giving us such a great view of his low-hanging balls as he thrusts in and out, up and down. When Girth cums it’s pretty much the load-size you might expect. In all areas, Girth delivers!

Mia Isabella Want Some Honey Vol.2

Release Year: 2012
Genres: Anal, Shemale, Tranny, Hardcore
Video language: English

Mia Isabella makes an exciting return with her long awaited follow up to the "Want Some Honey?" series and this time she comes back with an undeniable lust for nonstop, sweat dripping, pulse racing hardcore action! Featuring some of the biggest names in porn: Ashli Orion, Vaniity, Ty Roderick, Rod Daily, Robert Axel and more this is the ultimate TGirl experience. Only here will you see Mia in her first TG on Girl pussy pounding scene with Ashli as she delivers a surprise appearance to her female fan who she catches makin love to her Toy Sex doll. Add into the mix Mia's fetish switch scene with Ty Roderick as the star is bound in a straight jacket and made to please her beau at his command till satisfaction and then is later released to exact her revenge!
Or her first ever threesome with Robert Axel and Gabrielle where this run-a-way bride gets one last night of passion before marriage and spends it in dick riding rapture. Enjoy some TG on TG action as transsexual superstar Vaniity joins the cast in a one on one seduction scene with Mia using her sex toys as foreplay and ending in the two beauties kissing and sucking each other to an orgasmic end - "THIS" is the ultimate and only full hardcore DVD of Mia Isabella don't miss your chance to relish in the sweet, delicious and oh so naughty action of "Want Some Honey? 2"

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Aaron Rivers

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Cast: Aaron Rivers
Video language: English

Ever been asked “what’s your type?” Well we’ve discovered a gorgeous guy from San Diego that is everybody’s type! Aaron Rivers is a former college football player and we can understand why his coach made him the team’s tight end! He’d be the perfect fraternity president in a remake of “Animal House” and at 6’4″ we couldn’t wait to see what was underneath that polo shirt and jeans. Aaron loves cardio and power-lifting when he’s at the gym and seeing him shirtless certainly did our hearts good. (And that smile is to die for). Lucky Alexis has her pick of awesome body parts to lick and starts with Aaron’s remarkably perfect ass. Another favorite shot has to be watching Aaron’s upper body as he slides his big, thick fuck stick inside Alexis. It’s not hot, it’s scorching. Aaron mixes up the action and positions with great finesse, taking his partner to the edge of eroticism each time. All we can say after watching him shoot that big load is, ‘welcome to our team, Aaron.’

Cock hungry leather studs play in a dark basement

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Hugh Hunter,Jessie Colter
Video language: English

The bare sliver of light in the basement contours Hugh Hunter's ripped body in leather as he waits for his playmate, Jessie Colter. After what seems like an eternity in Hugh's horny mind, Jessie arrives with a hard dick and flogger, ready to give Hugh a night he'll never forget. Hugh worships Jessie's pits and cock before receiving the heavy lick of the flogger. Jessie ties Hugh against the cold brick wall and places clover clamps on Hugh's eager nipples. Erect from the pain, Hugh presents his cock to Jessie's mouth before a mean caning. Hugh returns the favor and hungrily sucks off Jessie before having a load forcefully milked from his balls. Still in a cumdrunk daze, Hugh finds himself in a fuck sling as Jessie admires his hard body. Hugh begs for a rough fucking from Jessie and gets exactly what he asks for before Jessie blows a heavy load straight into his mouth. The playmates share a taste of Jessie's cum before Jessie slinks back into the shadows.