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Bound Muscle 1: The

Studio: Steel Mill Media
Video language: English

The . Four chambers of diabolical restraint. Four muscled men, each with something to prove. Each enters their chamber to be tied up, and tested in two rounds of restrictive bondage and sadistic tease.

Round 1: Escape the trial of the Chamber, where the only salvation is a key frozen in a block of ice and just out of reach. Hogties. Rubber straps. Locked chains. The weak are culled. The strong move on.

Round 2: Erik Kelso, tied to a fire ladder, waits to face the sadistic cock-and-ball tease of the Xtinguisher. Franco Dax, lashed to a steel cross, suffers as his nipples are clamped, weighted and flogged by Endgame. Who will submit first?

There can be only one winner, and some men will do anything in order to become the sole Champion of the .

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:05:28
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1200kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 594.6 MB

Slippery Dreamboys

Release Year: 2019
Studio: Twink Deluxe
Genres: Bareback Sex, Gay Couples, Teens, Big Dick, Rimming, Sucking, Fucking, Sperm Eating, Sperm Sucking,
Video language: English

Over two hours of randy boys sucking their way to near orgasm, tweaking nipples and tongue fucking tender asses in a playful prelude to a balls-deep bare banging in Twink Deluxe

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:04:08
Video: 1920x1080, MP4V, 3546kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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Martin Brawer & Friends

Studio: man's art
Cast: Martin Brawer, Peer Paulus, Carey Lexes, Daniel Copperfield, Denis Reed, Felix Wallace, George Michaelo, Gerry Owan, Miquel de Sanchuez, Philip Denin, Björn Gedda, Neal Black
Genres: Nipple-Play, Sperm-Eating, Duo, Trio, Group-Sex, Sucking, Blowing, Rimming, Bareback-Sex, Hard Fucking, Kissing, Spermkissing, Deep-Throat, Monster Dicks
Video language: English

Scene 1:
“Hi Björn, hello George, look at this, that’s my first video I did for man’s-art®. An exciting one with plenty of cum action” continues Martin Brawer. “Wow, that’s hot, isn’t it” asks Björn Gedda. Well, of course it is replies Martin Brawer, “I could show you how hot it can get” he says and lifts his t-shirt right away. He kisses him slowly while taking off his t-shirt completely. The look of his nipples does also turn on George Michaelo. He bends over to Björn and licks his nipples. He bites them easily. In the meantime he wildly kisses with Martin. He is really pleased when George opens his trousers and takes his dick out. He swallows his prick and chews it savagely. One can see without any doubt the excitement in Björn’s face. Now he likes to suck his pecker too. He indicates Martin that he should take his weenie deep inside his mouth. Martin accepts his orders without hesitation. When George unpacks his fat dong one can see the horniness of the three ones. Martin blows Björn, while that one gives head to George. After Björn lies down, black-haired Martin attacks his asshole. He licks that tight wazoo. George likes rimming too as he sits with his arse on Björn’s face. That one licks his hole and sticks his tongue inside of it. The fingers of Martin inside Björn’s hole just make his cock getting bigger. At the sight of this, George cannot help himself but sitting on this fat schlong and riding it. On the other hand Martin sticks his prick into Björn’s butt. He fucks him bareback. Fucking and getting nailed at the same time – that’s what excites Björn the most. He only misses the white cream, he then receives from George. Before that he wanks his big cock faster and squirts his juice right into Björn’s mouth. At the same time Martin screws him faster and harder. He pulls his dick out of his hole, and wanks until he jerks a load on his belly. This warm sperm shower makes Björn that horny, that he can’t hold his own cum. His protein squirts abundantly out of his bell-end. After the three kiss each other wildly with their mouth full of cum, they lay down together on the couch to begin with…

Scene 2:
“Hey Carey, look there’s another hot porn flick with Martin Brawer. Sex is really rough and nasty in it. Actually, I would love to have fun like that right now…” says Gerry Owan. Carey Lexes looks him into the eyes and puts his hands onto Gerry’s pants. “Well then, let’s get started” he replies. He kisses Gerry slowly and plays with his nipples. Then he rips off the t-shirt from his body and opens his pants. Slowly then faster he licks Gerry’s cock. This blowjob really turns him on. Gerry moves Carey head up and down. That one willingly continues blowing. Having his fat prick in his mouth has totally excited Carey. He opens his trousers and take out his pecker. In no time Gerry and sucks him harder. After removing completely his pants, he turns towards Carey in order to get his hole licked. His legs are teared apart and his ass is licked. He fingers and rimms it. That excites him so much that he finally needs to get fucked. And so Gerry sticks his schlong into his asshole to slam him hard and< bare. He screws him like an animal. He plunges his dong deeper and deeper into Carey’s hole. That one can’t hold his excitement and squirts a full load of cum onto his body. His lustfulness for sperm makes him licking it all off his fingers, but also wants to taste more of that white cream. Gerry pulls out his cock out of Carey’s arse and wanks it hard. Abundantly his
cum squirts out. Both savor the entire load on their tongues then kiss each other wildly.

Scene 3:
“Oh how nice, more friends of mine I can show my new picture to…” thinks Martin. Along with Felix Wallace and Miquel de Sanchuez, Denis Reed and Philip Denin are on a visit. They watch together the DVD, but as soon as Martin leaves the room, they only have eyes for themselves. Felix asks Philip if he also does have a hot body like the guys they see on DVD. Without hesitation he takes off his clothes. He turns Felix on with his muscular body. He comes up to him and starts right away to lick and to paw him. Miguel joins in directly and plays with his nipples. Denis on his part has only eyes for Felix’s ass. While Felix and Miquel blow Philip’s dick, Denis takes Felix’s pants off and fingers him. Reluctant at first but after his excitement develops Felix allows his hole being handled with enthusiasm. In the meantime he’s giving two blowjobs at the same time because Miquel took his prick out too. Then Denis has enough of playing around. He wants to bang. He plugs his big weenie deep inside Felix’s tight asshole. Miquel takes care of Philip’s hole. He inserts his schlong slowly inside of him and screws him hard. Denis is also fucking like an animal while Felix’s expression in his face is full of pain when Denis bangs him savagely. Philip’s face is full of relish. Miquel fucks him more and more fast. But Philip wants to swallow cum. Therefore he wanks Felix’s prick while lying on the floor. He strokes his dick up and down. Then Felix’s squirts his cum out of his bell-end. Philip sucks it all with pleasure. He cannot hold his own excitement anymore, he wants to jerk off. So Miquel gives him a good blowjob till he squirts abundantly. Miquel swallows it all and to finish kisses Felix savagely. Next one to jerk off is Denis. He stands over Philip’s face and wanks his own fat prick. Under great pressure he squirts a big load of warm juice. Philip doesn’t miss to taste this load neither. But he doesn’t mind tasting more cum. So Miquel masturbates his schlong in order to unload a big charge of sperm over Philip’s body. Felix and Denis lick up the rests of cum like animals. Well, what these guys on DVD can do, we’re able to do since a long time, so they think…

Scene 4:
“Excellent, Daniel Copperfield and Neil Black are here, so I’m able to tell them about my film too” says Martin totally pleased. Enthusiastically he tells them about every detail. But Daniel and Neil do have other interests. They start playing with themselves. When Martin does realize that, he puts the film aside and crawls over to Daniel. He opens up his pants and takes his fat cock out. Full of lust he sucks his tail. In the meantime Neil allows Daniel playing with his nipples. Then he pulls out his fat prick. Daniel sucks it with pleasure. At the same time Martin licks his asshole. He spits on it and fingers it. After that he stands up and pulls his erected dong in his hole. He screws him hard. You can hear him screaming full of pain. This eye candy excites Neal that much, that he can’t hold the pressure in his balls. He wanks his pecker and squirts his juice all over Daniel’s mouth. But Daniel needs to get plowed. He throws Martin on the couch and sits on his tail. He rides it with relish until his white cream shoots out of his bellend. While Daniel and Martin kiss each other Neal still licks Martin erected weenie. He strokes it faster, so that Martin can’t hold his juice any longer. Abundantly he shoots his white cream. Neal licks it all up and spreads it into Daniel’s mouth when they both kiss each other like crazy.

Scene 5:
“Hey Peer Paulus, why do you stare so bored at the lubricant? We need to use it with you” call Daniel Copperfield and Martin Brawer when they enter the room. He looks at them totally intimidated. But things change quickly. The two guys stand next to him sideways and begin to undress him. In no time Peer sits around naked and Daniel gives him a good blowjob. Martin also likes to give head and so he grabs Daniel’s big cock. The blow each other until their pricks get hard. Then Daniel lies down on his belly because he wants to feel something in his ass. No need to repeat that to Martin. He licks and fingers his asshole and pulls his prick inside Daniel. Peer sits on Daniel’s back and holds him tight while Martin screws him hard. Then both exchange positions. Now it’s Peer’s turn to fuck. He lubricates his big fat schlong in order that it slides extremely well. He bangs Daniel like an animal. He screams with every impact and asks for more. Deeper and deeper Peer sticks his tail into his ass. Daniel really needs to taste some cum. He sits upright so Martin and Peer can kneel with erected cocks in front of him and so the three wank together. Daniel opens his mouth widely when at first Peer then Martin squirt their loads into his face. This horny taste makes Daniel jerk off too. Abundantly his hot juice squirts out of his bell-end. Hungry for cum as the two ones are, they don’t miss to lick off every drop of cum from his body.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:27:15
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1875kbps
Audio: 249kbps

File size: 2.2 GB

In Living Hell – Part 1 Tattoos and Electro Stimulation

Release Year: 2021
Studio: BoundMuscleJocks
Cast: Dirk Caber ,Drake Jaden
Genres: Bondage ,Daddies ,Hairy ,Rope ,Electro Stimulation ,American ,Other Location ,Nipple Play ,Ball Play ,Short Hair ,Fetish ,Shaved Head ,Muscular ,Cut ,Brown Hair ,Tattoos ,Domination ,Uniforms ,Natural ,Bearded
Video language: English

Muscle soldier Dirk is a defiant type, he's been well trained to endure the kind of pain interrogator Drake might deliver and he's even more cocky than he needs to be while the kinky captor shocks his nipples, cock and balls with the electro wand and the copper wire ropes. Drake might think he's in full control, but there's a surprise coming for both of them.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:33
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6476kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 851.9 MB

Piss me up, taste my sperm

Studio: Street Boys
Cast: Felix Wallace, George Michaelo, Adrian Winter, Thommy Erick, Jonny Rio, Krisztian Zvonek, Alexis Cuerdo, Felix Lutz, Kriss Stahl, Chico Short, Toni Wild
Genres: ssing, Piss-Drinking, Nipple-Play, Sperm-Eating, Solo, Duo, Trio, Dildo, Sucking, Blowing, Rimming, Bareback-Sex, Hard Fucking, 2 way, 3way..
Video language: English

Many gay types are on the yellow juice. Here is a selection of horny boys let themselves while movies.

Scene 1:
„Come on, piss me up, I want to taste your hot yellow juice“, these are the words Felix Wallace said to his partner George Michaelo. And of course George is so dirty that he does not need to be told twice and pisses with joy on Felix’s face and into his mouth. But Felix does not want only piss, he also wants to feel something in his hole. So he just takes the big dildo without further ado and sticks it into his sphincter with relish. But also George wants to have fun and lets his cock get blown by Felix until it gets hard. Felix is so horny he also needs to piss. Then George turns his partner without hesitation and he fucks him hard and bareback.After a hard fuck George unloads his sperm in Felix’s mouth, who needs to piss again at the same time. Finally, also George wants to get rid again of his hot yellow urine and pisses Felix up from top to bottom.

Scene 2:
3 cool guys wonder: „What hot things can you do now?“ The answer: „Sex“ „Sex with loads of piss“. This is what Adrian Winter, Tony Wild and Thommy Erick need now. And so Adrian unzips his trousers immediately and lets his cock get blown by Tony. In the meantime Thommy plays with Tony’s nipples. Then Adrian and Thommy tear Tony’s clothes off his willing body. Adrian licks Tony’s horny hole intensely while he sucks Thommy’s cock. After licking Tony’s sphincter until it’s got wet Adrian ficks him up strongly with his cudgel. Thommy puts his cock into Tony’s mouth and unloads his piss deep in his throat. This makes Adrian more and more excited so that he fucks Tony harder and harder. Then finally sperm shoots out of his cock and Adrian licks it off his hand with pleasure. When Thommy and Tony have squirted, too, Tony only misses one thing to get completely satisfied – piss. Finally he’s going to get it when Adrian pisses his hot urine on his body.

Scene 3:
After this horny trio scene the dirty Thommy Erick and Tony Wild have not pissed enough yet. Thommy also wants to taste piss and so Tony pisses abundantly on Thommy’s body, who is sitting on the floor.

Scene 4:
What can you do in pairs in a desolate stairway? Yes – sex!That’s what even Jonny Rio and Kriztian Zvonek think. They take each other’s clothes off sentimentally and play around with one another. Kriztian sucks Jonny’s intensely and hard – harder and harder. And what is he going to do now? He has to piss. And so he puts himself over Kriztian and pisses uninhibited in his mouth. He finds that so hot that he licks Jonny’s last drops off his cock. Finally Kriztian jerks off satisfied after the quicky in the stairway.

Scene 5:
„Come and suck my cock“ says Alexis Cuerdo to Felix Lutz. He takes willingly the member into his mouth and plays with Alexis’s foreskin and jacks off his own hard cock. In the meantime, Alexis takes care of Felix’s nipples. Then he turns over to Felix and licks his sphincter and fingers it. But Alexis only wants one thing – fucking! And so he sticks his cock into Felix’s ass and fucks him hard and strongly and Felix cries out horny and lets his piss run. As Alexis squirts his whole load of sperm on Felix’s belly he is horny and pisses again into his own mouth. But he also wants to jerk off now and so he jacks off his cock quickier and quickier while Alexis pisses his urine on his belly. Then finally sperm squirts out of his cock. Completely satisfied they canoodle wildly with one another.

Scene 6:
Is the bathtub over there only for bathing? Not for Kriss Stahl and Chico Short.Here you can have pissing action and horny sex. Kriss plays with his hard cock and thinks it could get sucked. He calls for Chico and puts his member into his mouth. Chico sucks off the cock willingly and plays with the foreskin. But Kriss also needs to piss, and so he urinates with pleasure in Chico’s mouth. Instead of bathing in normal water he is in Kriss’s hot yellow juice now. Then Kriss turns over the little Asian guy and fingers his sphincter. He moans because he is horny and he wants more, so Kriss sticks his cock deep into his hole and fuck him hard. Kriss still feels pressure on his bladder and so he takes out his cock and pisses a whole load of piss outside the hole. The willing Chico wants even more to increase his lust and so Kriss drops hot candle wax on his breast and jerks off his sperm on his belly. Now Chico cannot retain his own juice any longer either and so he squirts his sperm out of his cock in a high bow.

A very good film, not only for lovers but also much more piss sperm. You will see this film with enthusiasm.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:38:43
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1828kbps
Audio: 249kbps

File size: 2.4 GB

In Living Hell – Part 2 Bondage and Shaved Head

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Dirk Caber ,Drake Jaden
Genres: Bondage ,Daddies ,Hairy ,Rope ,Cock and Ball Torture ,American ,Other Location ,Nipple Play ,Ball Play ,Short Hair ,Fetish ,Shaved Head ,Muscular ,Cut ,Brown Hair ,Tattoos ,Domination ,Natural ,Bearded
Video language: English

Soldier Dirk was quickly rescued from the clutches of kinky interrogator Drake, and now that he's in control he's going to enjoy himself. Drake has been prepared, stripped naked and roped down tight, his balls bound and being pulled. Dirk is clearly enjoying it while he spanks his sub's balls and clamps his nipples, his own cock is rock solid and oozing precum!

Format: mp4
Duration: 9:58
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5194kbps
Audio: 148kbps

File size: 390.2 MB

Jordan West and Billy Cochran – Twisted

Release Year: 2022
Studio: Fistinginferno
Cast: Jordan West ,Billy Cochran
Genres: Leather Fetish , Fisting , DP - Double Penetration , Bondage , Buttplay , Sex Toys , Nipple Play , Cumshot
Video language: English

Billy Cochran is hanging by his arms from chains in the ceiling while Jordan West whips him with a riding crop. Cochran is delirious from the sting of the whip as Jordan stops to sniff his armpits and work over his nipples with his teeth. West lets the stud down, rolls him back, and drops yards of chain link right into Cochran's giant pink deposit box. Next Cochran lies back in a sling for some inflatable dildo action to open his inner chamber us good and sloppy. Satisfied that it's ripe for the plunging, West inserts his gloved up mitt straight in the gaping hole facing him. The scene ends as the two mount opposite ends of a double-header, bucking back and forth on each end until they pop their wads all over the scene.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:24
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1372kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 313.0 MB

Cum with me

Release Year: 2016
Studio: man's art
Genres: solo
Video language: English

Hi, I’m Danny Decker, a well-conditioned, sunburnt, dark-haired gorgeous guy. Do you want to watch me while I’m tearing my things slowly off my body? While I’m jerking off my cock and fingering my hole? Do you want to watch me while I’m getting hornier and lustier and I only want one thing, let sperm squirt out of my cock? Then cum with me…!

I’m George, George Michaelo. I love being stared at by people while playing with myself. I let my shorts fall very slowly. My cock is almost already hard on its own because I’m horny. I let my hand glide slowly over my foreskin and play around with my hole. All of a sudden I see this metal dildo and think„you must try it out“. And so I push this iron piece carefully into my hole. The cold metal makes me immensely horny. I push the dildo up against my sphincter. I jerk off my cock more and more quickly. Then finally I squirt my juice. Watch me, if you want, and then cum with me...

Do you want to see a hot dark-skinned guy? Then look at me, my name is Ryvelli. Without wasting time I take off my shirt and my trousers, I jerk off my cock until it gets big and hard. But there's something I miss, of course, I want to feel something in my arse. Just at the right moment a hot white dildo is there; I push it through deep into my sphincter while I jerk off my cock until white sperm squirts out up to my ears. You must see that and, don't forget, cum with me...

Hello! I'm Mark Damon, do you want to see me while I'm masturbating with pleasure? Actually, I am shy, but when I get horny it doesn't take long. Trousers open – and then I'm already playing with my cock. I jerk off my erect member slowly and with lust. I play around with my arse and with my nipples. After taking off all my clothes I notice how my lust is affecting my whole body. I jerk off my cock more and more quickly and I play with my hole until finally the soup comes out. Come on, squirt exactly like me, too, cum with me...

Such a hot summer day, you really just sweat. And on such a day you are hot, too, and only want one thing: squirt out your lust. That's what you want, too, isn't it? Cum with me, then... I'm Dominik Dillon, a well-conditioned dark-haired great guy. I love taking off my clothes slowly and then masturbating. Best when I have something in my hole, then the heat inside me gets higher and higher. Good that I always have a dildo at my fingertips. I like using a metal one, it always offers a horny cooling in the heat. I push the iron piece deep into my arsehole. At the same time I jerk off my cock. My cock gets more and more swollen and I want only one more thing: push my sperm out of my member. I jerk off until the white juice flies over my ears. Yes, that really was a hot refreshement on such a hot day.

Hi everybody, my name is Martin Brawer. I am a sex addicted blond guy and I love playing around with myself. I take off my clothes slowly and start jerking off my cock. Then suddenly I see a friend of mine, a cool long black dildo. I know exactly what I want to do with it. I take off my trousers completely and adjust the rubber piece. Then I sit on it and let the dildo disappear deep in my sphincter. I ride on the black rubber cock up and down. My lust increases more and more extremely. I jerk off my cock more and more quickly because I want to feel this hot feeling. I ride harder and harder and play with my member. Then finally the juice comes out of my glans. Coming is a hot satisfying feeling, isn't it? If you think so, too, then cum with me...

Do you like a hot bald macho? If yes, then I'm the right type for you. I'm Julian Meinel, an uninhibited muscleman. I like to satisfy myself, because I know best what I like. Without talking too much I tear the clothes off my body and loll on the bed, my cock is still swelling slowly and getting hard. I jerk it off and finger my arsehole. But I want to feel something in my sphincter and so I take the dildo and push it into my hole. I ride the rubber cock. Up and down go my muscular buttocks. Besides I jerk off my hard cock more and more intensely. With pleasure, I cry out when white sperm comes out of my glans. Such a quickie with yourself is something quite horny, isn't it? So you can cum with me...

I am Felix Wallace, a smart, sex addicted guy. I love feeling something in my hole. I lie relaxed on the sofa and start to take off my clothes slowly. I play with my nipples, my cock and my hole. Then I see this fat dildo. I know immediately how to get up to it. Yes, I want to feel exactly this cock in my arsehole. I press this piece into my sphincter, deeper and deeper does the toy sink inside me. I jerk off my cock and play with my nipples. Then I can hardly stop the juice, I push the dildo once again deep into my hole until I squirt out my sperm. What a goose-flesh experience! Do you also want to feel like that? Cum with me, then...

Hello, my name is Peer Paulus, a fair-haired boy with a hot body if ever there was one. You want to watch me while pushing a very long dildo into my tight arsehole, don't you? Then cum with me...I take off my clothes and start to play with my cock. I jerk my cock slowly until it gets hard. I play with my fingers around my arse, but I don't just want to finger, no, I need real action. Then I take the huge dildo and adjust it as I like it. Later I sit on this hot piece and let it disappear completely in my arsehole. With my face wreathing in pain but with pleaseure I jerk off my cock while I ride the dildo up and down, it's so horny. I jerk off more and more quickly until I cannot retain it any longer. The soup squirts out of my glans. I settle back satisfied and play with sperm around my mouth. That was a hot session!

Hi, I'm Kriss, Kriss Stahl. Do you want to watch my dildo play? I lie comfortably on my sofa. I realize that I'm very horny again. I open my trousers and let my gorgeous cock watch out. After taking off my trousers I play immediately with my hole, I push my fingers deep into my arsehole. Suddenly I see my friend.... a huge dildo. Yes, here we go, I want to feel exactly it inside me. I lubricate my hole and then I put this huge cudgel into my hole. I push the rubber piece up against my sphincter. At the same time I jerk off my cock. I push the dildo in and out and I jerk off my cock up and down. More and more quickly... Then I realize what it feels like coming, the juice comes out of my cock like a bow .... What a hot act. You will find it, too, for sure, then cum with me...

I am Nikolas, a cock and arse addicted dream guy. I like to spank the monkey and to paw myself. Very carefully I open my trousers, I play with my penis and wank it slowly off until it gets hard. But I also would like to play with my hole, so I take off my trousers completely and start to play with my fingers around my arse. I take the dildo which I always have within reach. Then I push the rubber piece carefully into my sphincter. I sink the black cock deeper and deeper into my hole. I masturbate my completely erect cock carefully, because I want to enjoy this horny feeling in my arse. But then my juice comes. Ich wank off more and more quickly until the soup comes out. You can do such a hot dildo act more often, cannot you? If you think so, then cum with me...

Hi, I'm Basti Oliver. I am always very horny and I love dildo plays. I sit on the sofa completely naked and play with my hole. I start to wank off slowly. But I want to feel something in my arse, so I take the black double dildo and push it into my hole. I push the rubber cock deeper and deeper into my sphincter and masturbate my cock. It makes me very hot when I feel something deep inside me, I cry out with pleasure when I sink the dildo deeper inside me. I masturbate my cock more and more quickly. That's so hot that I have to come, white sperm flows out of my glans. That was a really cool quickie, you should also do that some time, then cum with me...

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:50:37
Video: 720x576, AVC (H.264), 2716kbps
Audio: 249kbps

File size: 3.6 GB

Chained Heroes 2

Release Year: 2003
Studio: Torsion Video
Video language: English

Stripped to the waste and secured in unyielding chains he writhes in agony as he is relentlessly flogged by his interrogator. Hour upon hour of cruel lashing with the ferocious knotted cat and brutal single-tail whip takes it's toll. His rock relentlessly punched and beaten. His chest and nipples are cruelly abused. Finally, when he thinks his situation cannot get worse, he is stripped naked and his manhood targetted.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:24:28
Video: 480x368, XviD, 1002kbps
Audio: 113kbps

File size: 699.0 MB

Fucking Ready!

Release Year: 2018
Studio: Bareback Enterprises Inc.
Genres: Bareback Sex, Gay Couples, Teens, Big Dick, Rimming, Sucking, Fucking, Sperm Eating, Sperm Sucking,
Video language: English

There's only one way to describe this horny gang of guys and that's Fucking Ready! Ready for a delivery of raw cock down their throats, a firm tongue up their ass and a fat dick sliding in deep, hard and bare through their back doors. Wandering hands seeking out erect nipples, tight balls and throbbing dicks, which leads to a hot afternoon sofa session for these eight athletic studs. From lap dance to , every thrust hits home in nearly two hours of non-stop rutting, ass plunging and messy cumshots!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:54:51
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5879kbps
Audio: 161kbps

File size: 5.0 GB