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Bryan & Wagner Serviced

Cast: Wagner ,Bryan
Genres: Build Mature ,Build Muscular ,Build Hairy ,Chest Smooth ,Shaved ,Cock Uncut ,Ethnicity White Guys ,Pubic Hair Intact
Video language: English

Things definitely got a little out of hand in this one! Just before the shoot, Wagner mentioned he had messed around with guys before, and likely wouldn't be too nervous. So pushed him a little bit and had fun with it, without going too far. Longish video for "just a massage" but I just pretty much only took 3 "cuts" out of it. One for doing the photos and twice moving cameras around a bit for position changes. Otherwise, this video is pretty much is an "As It Happened" video. Might not be important to you all, but I think when there are limited interruptions, you can really tell the chemistry and the action is about as real as it gets!

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Duration: 29:20
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5899kbps
Audio: 249kbps

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Bryan & Daryl Serviced

Cast: Daryl ,Bryan
Genres: Build Mature ,Build Muscular ,Chest Smooth ,Shaved ,Cock Hung ,Cock Uncut ,Ethnicity African American ,Ethnicity White Guys
Video language: English

Daryl hit me up a week or so after his solo saying he would like to have his dick sucked on camera, but might want to try it first off camera. I just kind of ignored the 'practice' part he suggested, mainly because I think he wanted to get paid to 'practice'. I actually don't remember if this was his first time getting sucked off by a guy. He was nervous, but my guess is he has found himself in situations where it has happened. He did like having his ass played with, and even requested some finger action. He was hard while having his ass in the air and getting rimmed. Once on his back, Daryl got wobbly, and I worked hard at trying to get him solid. Pulled out the Fleshjack for a bit, but that didn't seem to do the trick. So some good old oral, with ass hole fingering did the trick. Daryl could not be accused of cumming quietly. He spasms and moves around the table with tremendous energy as he ejaculates!

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Duration: 19:56
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4877kbps
Audio: 106kbps

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Bryan & Ceasar Edge

Cast: Bryan ,Ceasar
Genres: Sex Act Anal Sex Fucking ,Build Lean ,Build Mature ,Chest Smooth ,Natural ,Cock Hung ,Pubic Hair Intact ,Hair Brunette ,Black
Video language: English

It still surprises me when the models suggest to me doing these Edge videos. To be honest, after getting my Trilogy done of 3 DVDs, I thought it was time to put the series to rest. Retiring the theme is harder than I thought when adorable 20-year-olds are actually asking to do them. I started doing the Edge vidsas an easy way for "newbies" to get their dick sucked and explore gay sex, if only for a few briefmoments! Ceasar's best friend Clay had done a Serviced video with me, and apparently went on about how good the blow job. So every time Ceasar came down, he jokingly teased me that I hadn't sucked his dick and that would be fine by him. He has also done some fetish work, and thought that theEdge videos were right up his alley. I figured we could do one "sometime" when I didn't really have someone appropriate to work with him- he wascertain he would never bottom.So we kept putting it off, and then I ran out of guys willing to sit on his dick. So we talked about finally doing an Edge video. Ithought maybe we could do some cocksucking lessons and maybe he couldlearn taking a cock wasn'tTHAT bad. Since I have a "starter" cock, I knew he couldtake it AND have a good experience where he could control the depth. Since I am gay, and most of the guys are indeed straight, their dicks tend to get wobbley quick,so slow inserts are challenging.Mine however, can stay hard as he takes his time to work it in. This Edge video basically de-vigininizes 'lil Ceasar. I am not sure he will be bottoming a bunch, but I do know it is no longer in his mind that is an absolute "No" to doing it. So I guess in all, the Edge videos arestilldoing what they need to do. Getting the guys comfortable doing guy-on-guy work!

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Duration: 19:15
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5854kbps
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Holt Solo

Cast: Holt
Genres: Theme Solo ,Build Mature ,Chest Smooth ,Natural ,Build Muscular ,Ethnicity White Guys ,Hair Blond ,Pubic Hair Trimmed
Video language: English

Holt is a relative newbie to the gay thing. He is 32 and has been out less than a couple years. So he is a bit of a kid in a candy store. He's eager to do porn, and when we shot this video, he was already signed up to shoot with 3 other major studios. So chances are you will be seeing him in a variety of locations, and of course, who knows whathis name will be. But he is Holt here on ChaosMen. Holt has that All-American thang down, from his sparkling blue eyes, close cropped blonde hair, and a dazzling smile. He says he is a "flipper" and willing to give as good as get. Definitely gonna see if I can find a dude (or two!) that he might have chemistry with.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:14
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5817kbps
Audio: 249kbps

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Bryan & Rocco Edge

Cast: Bryan ,Rocco
Genres: Build Mature ,Chest Smooth ,Natural ,Cock Hung ,Build Muscular ,Pubic Hair Intact ,Ethnicity White Guys ,Hair Blond
Video language: English

So I have been trying to get Rocco to come on in and fuck a dude with that big 'ole dick of his. I can't seem to get him to do that. I thought an Edge video would help him along. Easing the guys into the whole gay sex thing was my main reason I thought up the Edge videos. They get a little taste of playing around with a dude, realize it's not too bad, and hopefully realize they could do a full scene. Plus, well, I REALLY wanted to suck his dick. I admit it! (Ok, and maybe I wanted to eat his ass too!) Now a little inside scoop and insight in my filming process. I've got a really bad habit of trying to turn offthe cameras as soon as we are done shooting. Filming with three cameras in HiDef, I'm constantly trying to conserve on video time. A typical video can take up to 30GB. That might not mean much to you all, but it adds up fast, and I'm constantly running out of storage. Anyway, I shut the cameras off too soon. Rocco just sat in that chair at the end. Complete and utter disbelief at how amazing it was. He wouldn't get up for 3-4 minutes. I had to help him out of the chair! SERIOUSLY! You can tell he really blows his nut in the video, but it's like he had a seizure and was going on and on about how it was the best nut ever. WHY WHY WHY did I turn the cameras off? Ok, so it would have stroked my ego to have it on film, but not only would ithave been awesome to have it as anouttakefor you all, you would know how surprised I am, that given his over thetop reaction to the blow job...I still haven't gotten him to come back! I will keep chipping away him. He's one smokin hot dude! Enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:14
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5667kbps
Audio: 249kbps

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Military Group Sex Party

Release Year: 2010
Cast: Colby Keller, Josh Gingerson, David Chase, Ben Stone, Luke Piersol, Sami Damo, Tony Bay, Rodney Steele, Joe Sarge
Genres: Cumshot, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Oral/Anal Sex, Fingering, Threesome., bear, Mature
Video language: English

That's the motto of the hot Ex-Military army fuckers in this wild ride of a film. Featuring a star-studded cast of names like Colby Keller, David Chase and Rodney Steele - the big, buff guys in this flick know how to get it on!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:04:24
Video: 720x480, xvid, 1465kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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Toby Jacobs & Vander: Edge

Release Year: 2022
Cast: Toby Jacobs, Vander
Genres: Bondage, Bareback, Muscles, Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Tattoos, Hairy, 69, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshots
Video language: English

I guess with Vander now in his 30's he can be considered 'mature' and when Toby Jacobs wanted to come in a do a scene, I knew I wanted to do an Edge video with him and Vander.
I just couldn't decide who should be in the chair. Toby clearly has some skills, and I knew he could hungrily service Vander's thick cock.
But with him being more of a Daddy, and Vander perfectly happy to be submissive, we treated Toby to an amazing blow job.
Of course Toby was not going to stay in that chair and not just sit idly by while hot cock was in his general direction.
Like other Edge videos with Vander in control, the video gets out of hand in a natural way, and we just chase them around with a camera.
Vander gives him an awesome facial, making Toby eat every lost drop.
For Toby, we pulled out the Fleshjack to see how he would respond. After only a few minutes of jacking him with it, he started to shout he was going to cum.
There is this moment that I didn't cut away from, where Vander looks up to me like, "Um, should I make him cum?!"
I gave a thumbs up, and with a little bit of stroking, Vander perfectly times pulling off the toy, in order to eat his load as it spurts out!
There is nothing like having two dudes with so much experience that their timing is without fault!

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:13
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4880kbps
Audio: 107kbps

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Spring Training

Release Year: 1985
Cast: Jeff Converse, Bull Matthews, Joe Savage, Michael Wayne, Rick Turner, Scott Avery, Tad Brady, Tom Mitchell
Genres: Anal, Oral, Muscle, Classic, Plot Based, Outdoor Sex, Threesomes
Video language: English

A mixture of youthful prowess and mature assuredness in action as the rigorous training begins. Training like you've never seen before and may never see again! Rick Turner And Michael Wayne After a good hot jog Michael Wayne decides to stop and pick up the bike he left at team-mate Rick Turner's house the night before. After a cold glass of orange juice, Rick invites Michael to join him in the sauna. As Rick watches young Michael strip, his eyes reveal hidden desires, and sensing this, Michael's 10 inch cock springs to its full glory as he frees it from the tight confines of his jogging sweats. Michael no longer is satisfied with merely the feel of his friends hungry mouth on his cock and in his ass.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:18:40
Video: 720x480, XviD, 2018kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

Rough Barebacking With Muscle Bears

Release Year: 2008
Genres: Oral, Anal, Big Dick, Muscles, Bear, Old, Mature
Video language: English

We present some of the biggest and hottest bears in the business today. They enjoy raw bareback fucking with face splattering loads.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:53:28
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1462kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.0 GB

No limits gangbang with creampies

Release Year: 2007
Cast: Jacob Slader, Christian, Dickman Derek, Alan Gregory, Adrian Troy, Raymen, Luke, Sean Hunter, Austin Shadow, Franco Dax, Mason Garet, Jerry Sterns, JT Steel, Jay Ross, Connor Zimmerman, Aaron, Alex Pitt, Eric Wolfe, Phoenix Michaels, Yuri, Mike Nichols, Ja
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Group Sex, Mature
Video language: English

No-holds-barred, no-limits man-fucking, pure passion for the deepest levels of sex that men can reach. An absolute commitment to the honest, no-bullshit power that men experience when they give themselves over completely and without reservation to the insatiable and limitless experiencing of cock, semen, mansex! "This film is some of the Best Bareback and Breeding Action you are going to see this year!" said Director/Producer Patrik Kohl, "in fact, Sage Daniels’ raw double penetration is just spectacular. Sage’s greedy raw hole is saturated with load after load in this all-star Breeding Extravaganza.” Ricky Raunch’s third release this year, features real men (muscles, tattoos, facial and body hair) dumping wad after sloppy wad into Sage’s gaping hole. You’ll see the ever-charming Sage take on eight greedy tops in scenes that include flip-flopping, rimming, felching, creampie eating, and an incredible double penetration scene that will have you reaching for the rewind button.

Format: avi
Duration: 3:00:29
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1136kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.6 GB