Rentboy – British Skater Boys

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Troy and Kallum are feeling the heat, so back at the flat the two are soon stuffing each other's throbbing cocks into their mouths. Kallum spreads Troy's peachy butt cheeks, spits a great dollop onto Troy's arsehole and grinds into him from behind. The coupling is hot and steamy with Kallum fucking Troy in every position until the two unload their heavy sacs.
Kaiden teaches Jake how to skateboard and shows him the basic moves, but once back in the flat Jake shows him a few moves of his own, with his own version of the Crooked Grind. Jake has a whopping cock for a young guy and Kaiden can't wait to wrap his lips around this monster piece. Kaiden tongue fucks Jake's ring and loosens it up with a finger or two. The two lads top and bottom until a spunky shot straight into Kaiden's mouth.
Duncan invites Kai and Karl round to his flat for a beer after a morning on the boards. All three make themselves comfortable as Kai's nipple rings become a source of amusement and titillation for Karl and Duncan. It's not long before both reach for Kai's hardening cock and all three lads are tongue lashing and wanking each other. Kai is the lucky filling in the sandwich as Karl and Duncan tag him and manage to stretch his ring to the max as he takes two cocks in his arse at the same time! Two more daring duets follow with Alex probing James' arse with his tongue before fresh faced James takes the lead and splits Alex's butt.
Reece and spiky-haired Dakota enjoy an afternoon of hot boy on boy sex with mutual cock sucking, rimming, fingering, ball deep fucking and two superb explosions of creamy boy-juice. British Skater Boys features young energetic twinks doing more than just back flips by developing their own interpretation of Shuv-it!"

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