Pent Up

Video language: English

I’m always thrilled when a random dude shows up to fuck around and is cool with me filming some of the action. I had met this dude, Miguel, off one of the hookup apps this past week. We really didn’t get into any details besides what day he was coming over, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I picked him up at the train station and he wanted to go to the liquor store to buy some Hennessy, which isn’t too out of the norm, but then he said it was because liquor wouldn’t show in his piss test. Come to find out this guy’s been living in a halfway house and is on probation for some trouble with the law a few years back. He said it’s slim pickings with his “situation” so the poor guy hadn’t sucked cock in months, so I felt like it was almost my civic duty to help rehabilitate him back into society. At first I thought he might stab me and steal my shit, but I was willing to take that risk because he was pent up and would probably do anything I wanted. Luckily the only thing he ended up taking from me was my piss and cum, and the only stabbing going on was my cock in his throat.