Jay Bloomer Jerk Off

Release Year: 2017
Genres: Gay, Twinks, Solo
Video language: English

Horny and sexy body young guy Jay Bloomer Jerk Off Feature!

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Duration: 6:15
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American She-male X Pt 2: Scene 02 with Jane Marie

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

This is a very hot clip with the very feminine shemale Jane Marie. The clip starts off with Jane meeting her man,Gabriel D'Alessandro, and then undressing for him. She's got great boobs and a very pretty face, and shows it all off. She props her bubble ass up for him to lick, and he goes to work on her balloon knot. They take turns giving head to each other standing at first, then sitting and then he mounts her ass doggy style. They move to a spooning anal where he cups her breast as he pleases her, and here you can see Jane's precum dripping out of her. They move to a missionary and then Jane rides him for a while. The scene ends with Jane stroking her hard cock off onto her tummy, where Gabriel licks her clean and kisses her. Jane then finishes him off with her hand as she fucks him with a toy.

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Duration: 39:35
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Cute Riley & Bi Boyfriend’s Threesome

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Charlotte Sartre, Wolf Hudson,Lance Hart
Genres: Bisexual Gonzo Threesome
Video language: English

Tattooed college girl Charlotte Sartre has been studying too hard, so boyfriend Lance Hart recommends a massage from bisexual buddy Wolf Hudson, a masseur, to help relieve her stress. Squeezing Charlotte's pale buttocks, Wolf uses his tongue to loosen her tight, tense anus. He and Charlotte share blow job duty on Lance's stiff dick, and their swinging, cocksucking three-way includes a double penetration for Charlotte's tender holes! The young couple worships Wolf's boner, and each girl receives a sperm facial.

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Duration: 40:07
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Cliff Jensen Fucks Alexander Garrett 3D

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Cliff Jensen, Alexander Garrett
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots, Hardcore, Muscles, Tattoos, 3D
Video language: English

In this hot scene, monster cock Cliff Jensen fucks the hell out of hard-bodies Alexander Garret. The chemistry is amazing, and you can tell they couldn't wait to start and didn't want it to end!

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Duration: 17:43
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Elijah Knight Outdoor Piss

Release Year: 2018
Cast: Elijah Knight aka Keaton
Genres: Solo, Posing, Pissing, Masturbation, Cumshot, Muscle
Video language: English

Elijah gets his cock out at the pond and strips naked, pissing and jerking! Gorgeous and super ripped 21 year old Elijah Knight heads to the local pond, takes a piss and then strips down showing off all of his muscles. Elijah pisses all over himself multiple times making his rock hard abs glisten in piss in the sun! After several powerful pisses Elijah goes to work on his cock, stroking it right in the pond for anyone to see!

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Duration: 21:15
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Strong-Armed Pt 2

Release Year: 2008
Cast: Bryan Wyatt ,Drew Peters, Jacob Scott, Jason Miller, Justin Lake, Ken Houser ,Michael Brandon ,Michael Soldier ,Michael Starr
Video language: English

These horned-up muscle-men take no prisoners as they strong-arm their way through a new cast of fist-hungry hunks in Strong-Armed 2. This raunchy continuation of the Strong-Armed Trilogy from the Club Inferno Hot Hand Collection features five scenes of elbow-swallowing, pud-pounding, ass-licking action. Now bend over and take it like a man!

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Duration: 1:34:54
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 758kbps
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Inches (1979) – Al Parker, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens

Release Year: 1979
Cast: Al Parker, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens, Steve Taylor, Max O'Sinsky, Carl Royce, David Sexon, Joe Roberts, Joe Shaunessy, Dan Noble, Greg Shaw
Genres: Cruising/Tricking, Hairy Guys, Pre-Condom Era, Anal, Oral, Classic, Feature
Video language: English

"Inches is an intelligent love story by Steve Scott about contemporary lovers. Al Parker (an up and coming photographer) decides to learn more about the swinging life and unknown sexual practices after his lover (Steve Taylor, his real-life lover) walks out on him.

The story opens with a tension-creating segment as Parker awakens from a dream, only to tie up his cock and balls and unload himself, while Taylor soaps up in the shower and does his own thing. Taylor leaves for a working trip; he returns at the end of the day feeling tired, but not too tired to get his ass licked by Parker or have it filled with hard meat.

However, Parker's nightmares and fears of his waning relationship begin to plague him; he dreams of Taylor languidly sucking three strangers' cocks (and his butthole methodically plowed by an endless series of boners) and confronts his lover with his unfounded jealousy. Taylor decides to end their already strained relationship; Parker retaliates by swallowing the dick of a hitchhiker in his jeep.

Later, the now-lonely Parker's prospects get better once he succumbs to the sexual interests of a horny co-worker (Bob Blount). He follows Blount to a sleazy bar where customers enjoy backroom sex to the pulsing beat of Bad Girls and Sunset People. Group groping and anonymous cock-sucking abound.

Following this, Parker decides to get to know Blount better. They go to a snowy mountain resort to have sex. Parker balls Blount in a momentous fuck sequence in the snow and by the fireplace. As they drive off into the sunset, the duo decide to keep it ambiguous in terms of commitment. Highlights, too, include Parker fucking a man with his cock and balls at the same time.

This film is very strong on plot and sentiment, and successfully recreates the glittering world of the male model: the photo sessions, the gallery openings, the cruisy bars, the artistic friends, and the glittery crowd. However, this overemphasis may not appeal to all."

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Duration: 1:09:08
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Tub Fun (Rod Daily) 1080p

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Girls today do not come, so the guys decided to have sex! But with each other ...

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:48
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6853kbps
Audio: 148kbps

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Porn Authority

Studio: Catalina Video
Cast: Ben Archer, Buster, Carlo Cox, Clint Taylor, Duff Paxton, Gary Silverman, Jim Klamm, John Charles, Lance, Nick Capra, Ray Stone, Rob Anthony, Sam Benson, Sloan Christian, Steve York, Zach Falconer
Genres: Muscle, Oral, Anal, Kissing, Cumshot, Rimming, Group, Vintage, Shaved Head, Beard, Hairy, Facial, Cum Eat
Video language: English

When porn director Nick Capra gives his lecture on the ins and outs of making porn he uses classic late 70's films to get some of his points across. What's a good lead in? Where's a nice location? What about a story line? These important questions and more are answered when Nick shows us that he's the Porn Authority. Back in the old days the videos were grainier and more raw. The lighting wasn't always great but the spontaneity of the action is what made them so hot. In the process of evaluating the evolution of porn it is important to distinguish the difference between Pre-Condom and Barebacking. In the Pre-Condom days of gay porn it wasn't called barebacking, it was called sex. The difference is back then there were no reasons to use condoms, but there came a time. Catalina always understood this and maintained a clear vision of the importance of safer sex while keeping the raw, intense eroticism of the hard-core action fantasy in tact. Intercut with classic scenes of pre-condom action are new scenes that indicate how hot and sexy the sex is even with condoms. The latest kings of Porn Authority are Nick Capra, Carlo Cox, Ray Stone, Rob Anthony, Ben Archer, Sloan Christian, Zach Falconer, and Clint Taylor. Classic scenes from Good Times Coming, The Big Surprise and Flesh & Fantasy feature legends Lance, Buster, Mark Ford , Steve York, Jim Klamm, Sam Benson , and Gary Silverman.
Zach is watching Buster and Steve by a pool on video.
When he notices his own pool guy, Clint, he steps in to re-enact the fantasy on screen, with condoms.
Nick shows the guys a scene with Lance and Mark that inspires some action involving Ben and Sloan. The huge dildo introduced in this scene is hot but does it indicate something else?
Nick then moves them on to a three way with Jim, Sam , and Gary that eventually incites his intimate class of pornographers to get their own action going. That's when Nick, Ray, Rob, and Carlo really show us the difference between Pre-Condom and Barebacking sex.
Catalina Video and Hall Of Fame director Josh Eliot ease the tension for this heated controversial topic with the Fantasy Feature Series release, Porn Authority. Because we all know that there is a difference.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:14:21
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 2022kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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The Complete Package (1988) – Daniel Laruso, Nicolas Taieb, Jean-Francois Chambon

Release Year: 1988
Cast: Daniel Laruso, Djemil Dixy, Elyes Ardini, Jean-Francois Chambon, Joel Duvernay, Michael Martin, Nicolas Taieb, Robert Roten, Rodolphe de Marcy, Tony Abrantes, Jacques de Rives
Genres: Classic, Anal, Oral, Pre-Condom, Big Cock
Video language: English

A condomless fuckfest featuring most eye-popping scenes of young boys plugging away!

The Pension is packed with a slim innocent English teenager, a sly smiley Egyptian spy and two crazy French guys who manage to upset the normal sexual habit. There's a lot to do while staying at the Pension, like visiting Chateau Ludwig, but one lazy layabout prefers practical lessons to cultural ones. Naked in his bedroom, he seduces the youngest Karl by getting him to help things along. A bicycle ride in the rain results in a puncture, which gives the perfect excuse to dry off in the straw and get pumped up before setting off again.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:41:18
Video: 702x478, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.6 GB