Night of the Occultist (1973) – Richard Ford, Doug Howard

Release Year: 1973
Cast: Richard Ford Doug Howard Garett Burton Hill Carson Shawn Taylor Hal Holden Jerry Holland Lawrence Fuller Recordo Velez Terry Johns Charles Segrest Clark Holloway Wayne Farmer Paul Powers Mark Wesley
Genres: Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Leather, Masturbation, Orgy, Pre-Condom
Video language: English

The piece opens with a shot of Chuck, an average-handsome, furry blond fellow rolling around in bed, his hefty balls peeking out of his white shorts. Next comes a whirlwind montage, shot in harsh white light, of this man in a suit, picking up a paper, going to his job at a bank. Next we find him back at his pad, champagne music playing in the background, reclining in a blue silk robe on his sofa, sipping scotch and pleasuring himself. Following his opening j/o scene, our hero visits an "Egyptian sexologist" to discuss his lack of sexual desire for his wife. He explains he has no trouble masturbating, as demonstrated in the previous scene.

The sexologist is an odd-looking, balding man with a sideburns-beard combo – think “Tobias” from Arrested Development, only with grime slathered all over his face to imply Middle Eastern ethnicity. The specialist suggests that a little homosexual dabbling might help Chuck with his “sexual maladjustment.” In a speech that sounds like bastardized Masters and Johnson, the sexologist explains homosexuality’s place in history. He then describes a ritual from ancient Egypt in which young men are sodomized as a means of preserving the sacred status of the high priests.

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