Mimi Oh – Trans Babysitters Pt 4

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Male On Transgirl, Masturbation, Frottage, Transgirl Blowing Male
Video language: English

Poor Dante Colle. Whenever he goes out with his wife she causes a scene and plays the cuck card on him. Well fuck that. He returns home early to relieve his new hot trans babysitter who upon hearing his tale of woe decides maybe he is the one that needs some relieving. How can she leave this hot man with a full sac of cum. Not on this sitters watch. She offers him a blowjob and a lot more as she makes this one of Dante's most memorable and fun nights as she fucks his brains out all over the place.
Rodrigo Amor has been dying to see what the new sitter looks like whom his baby mama hired. He is definitely not disappointed as he finds a young trans knock out in Kasey Kei being the sitter. Rodrigo is single so he puts the moves on Kasey and she is more up for the game. The baby mama had warned her Rodrigo may try this but he's good looking so what the fuck. She had been told his cock was big so when she demands to see it and it is -- it's game on with this little sitter.
When Mr. Chris Damned finds his sexy young babysitter resting when he arrives home, he offers her to spend the night. After all the girl looks so tired. But Kate Zoha likes to cuddle and asks if he would not mind lying down with her. At least till she rests because Kate has a hard time resting outside of her own bed. Well apparently Kate has other ideas as she starts rubbing against his back. He feels a very hard lump and is pleasantly surprised at the clit stick she unveils for him. He pulls out his now rock hard cock and the two get it on.
Ricky Larkin has a major thing for trans girls. So much so him and his wife broke up over his infidelities. Now all he wants to do is find hot young trans babysitters and provide him with the companionship he needs. His usual approach is to pull out his massive hard dong and see if they go for it. Lucky for Mr. Larkin, Ivory Mayhem is one babysitter who has never met a hard penis she did not suck. Soon they are frotting and rimming and providing each other oral pleasure until Ricky pulverizes her tight trans hole with his humongous cock rocket. It's a cum blasting good time of an interview as Ivory more than earns the job.

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