Made to be our , leashed by his balls

Release Year: 2009
Video language: English

Humiliating a straight guy really isn't hard. But we like to go all the way, order them to crawl around on the floor like an animal, tormented from all sides, following orders under miserable duress.
We've turned Louis into our human - his hands are firmly taped up into useless little mitts, his wrists and ankles cuffed, and an electric collar is round his neck, making him obey our every whim for fear of more painful punishment.
We kick Louis round the room, ordering him to go faster while yanking at a tight leash wrapped painfully round his nuts. Every second of hesitation earns him a shock with the electric collar, and every scream of pain becomes a strangled canine yelp after we shock him again and again.
Stan wants his feet cleaned, and Louis has to get his arse up in the air for Stan to sadistically flog his exposed hole and balls, while I keep him in position with firm control of his balls. Each stroke of the whip licks around his most sensitive areas, and he jumps and yells in pain, each non- sound further punished with shocks until he learns only to bark.
Louis' screams get even louder when I shove the huge tail butplug up his tight straight arse, pushing it hard inside to get it past his resistant, tender sphincter.
Tail in place, it's time for this to have a bone - and we've each got a nice thick bone for him to put in his mouth. I get Louis working on my dick, pleasuring every inch of the shaft, and then push his head down on Stan's. We even cram both cocks in his mouth at the same time, our throbbing cockheads jostling for position as tears roll down his face.
Finally, we piss into a and push his face right down into it when he doesn't lap it up enough, the piss going up his nose, in his face. This clearly needs feeding the piss properly though, so we kick him onto his back and wrench his mouth open, pouring all the stinking urine into his reluctant mouth, over his face, into his eyes, as he struggles uselessly. The degradation of famous TV star Louis is complete.

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