Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It's a little tough to believe that hunky Lewis was a self-proclaimed “little computer nerd,” in high school. I guess lifting those heavy monitors and mice helped him bulk up into the stud he is today!

This handsome 23-year-old has a yummy, muscular frame and some fuzzy legs and pecs. Lewis also has a big, thick cock that he loves to play with. He still likes to play with computers, too, and works as an IT consultant. But please don't call him if your computer melts down from his sheer hotness – we need him on this side of the screen!

Lewis has beautiful dark eyes and a smile that makes you want to laugh along with whatever he says. He's transitioned from being a full-time computer geek to an outdoorsy guy that swims, surfs and he's interested in parkour – I can't imagine what would happen if we put him and Harley together! Well, actually I can …

Lewis generally likes to watch porn where a girl seduces the guy and more one-on-one action than group action. He's had a threesome, so hopefully he would be into going further with a guy!

Lewis works out every day and it shows. He jokes about how hairy he is and that he has to trim a lot – but I think he looks great as he is. He mainly does interval training and swims and excitedly tells us how he warms up for his workouts. This guy is so enthusiastic, I could just sit and listen to him talk.

Of course, I'd rather sit and watch him jack off! Lewis gets right into it, lubing up his cock and it stiffens to its full height. Lewis eagerly strokes his cock and tugs on his low-hanging balls. He plays with his fuzzy pecs as he strokes.

Lewis is a natural, almost forgetting the camera is rolling, yet showing off exactly how much fun he's having with himself. He hasn't jerked off in two days, and he's eager to blow. Once he does, cum sprays off to his side and some lands on his furry abs.

Yum! I definitely want to see if we can push Lewis into some guy/guy action!