Kristjan – Angry lad gets his clothes ripped off, double nipple clamps

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage, torture
Video language: English

We run our eyes over Kristjan's buff body as he whips off his tracksuit and puts on the footie kit we've got him. His lean muscles and smooth skin make my cock stir in my pants as he gives us tantalising glimpses of the flesh we know we're going to get our hands on.
Kristjan is used to putting on a bad attitude to get his own way, but his aggressive curse words don't do him any favours when he's tied up and being slapped around by the likes of us.
After all we've put Kristjan through, you'd think he'd appreciate a nice sit down. But the ungrateful little cunt only starts whinging when Dave kindly shoves him down on my lap, my rampant hard cock sliding into his reluctant arsehole. "Take it out! This isn't right!" he yells. But sadly for him, I'm only interested in my own pleasure, and his hapless cries only make me more excited.
Kristjan hasn't been allowed more than a couple of hours of sleep since I invited paying customers to come and have a piece of him, in between abusing him myself. The knock on the door signals the beginning of yet another relentless session prostituting himself to satisfy the lust of some pervy old man. What nasty little fetish will Kristjan have to degrade himself for today?

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