KO Kuruu – Physical Education Teacher Pt 3 – Athletic Teacher

Release Year: 2018
Studio: KO Kuruu
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

Nasty guidance of secretly conducted physical education teachers!It is a pervert that a teacher is happy to be happy with this.
Physical education teacher who speaks to male students with club end, locker. "Please come home at home as well for today ..."
A male student headed for a teacher 's house. "My teacher, I want to quit such a thing anymore ..." "I do not care but I understand, are you?"
As usual today a miserable service to the teacher by boys begins ...
"What is a teacher, a hatten field?" Students who ask questions to the teacher at the homeroom teacher after school.
"Hatten farm ... the teacher does not know." Students approaching the ineffective teacher. "It's strange, you know because it came out yesterday?"
Students approaching a panicking teacher. "Keep me secret as it keeps me ..."
Teacher and student's obscenity after school begins ...
Physical education teacher who is puzzled by confession from a sudden student.
I make my students angry with words that I came out. I will explain the matter to my colleague teacher and go to apologize to the students' home.
The teacher who passed through to the student 's room was told to forgive you once if you only asked once .... But it was a trap structured from the beginning ...
A physical education teacher who can speak at the locker room.
"It is a funny story, but my students were fucked by the teacher." Sudden remarks from senior teachers.
"I can not translate this way as it is, is it OK to confirm for a moment ...?" Physical examination that begins according to the teacher while feeling incompatibility ...

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