Kaleb Scott’s Piss Party Weekend

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It was a scorching hot weekend in Southern California when 22 year-old Kaleb Scott checked into the resort. He had one thing on his mind...piss! He wanted as much as he could find and he didn’t leave disappointed! He meets 20 year-old blond stud Jeremiah and his 23 year-old cousin David...and the piss and cum flow all weekend!

The weekend got into full swing when they hit the pool! Horny and thirsty Kaleb wants to stay wet, inside and out!

This piss filled romp starts with Kaleb a huge load of his own piss poolside with beautiful young Jeremiah looking on from his raft. After he guzzles the last drop, Kaleb swims over to suck on Jeremiah’s waiting boner and before you know it he is downing a mouthful of Jeremiah’s piss right there on the raft!

Jeremiah’s cousin David watches the whole thing from his raft and makes his way over to feed Kaleb a load of his piss too! Quenched but horny, Kaleb and the boys slide out of the pool for some hardcore sucking and fucking...but they didn’t forget to keep the piss flowing! Kaleb yet another of his own piss loads before taking a hard ass pounding from horny Jeremiah and a throat fucking from David! After a long hard fuck, Kaleb takes a mouthful of cum from both of them, washes it down with a powerful gusher of Jeremiah’s piss before they dive back into the pool!

Still thirsty as ever, Kaleb swims with Jeremiah to the diving board for one of the hottest piss scenes ever filmed! With Jeremiah standing naked on the diving board, Kaleb holds on below for another one of Jeremiah’s sweet piss loads! His hungry mouth open wide, Kaleb takes all of Jeremiah’s piss...and this piss stream breaks records! It goes on for nearly two full minutes...and Kaleb it down like a champ!

On Piss!

Jeremiah couldn’t resist a little one on one action with piss pig Kaleb! The two meet up in the living room and after some hot kissing, Jeremiah pulls out his huge cock and fills three full glasses up with his hot yellow piss! Kaleb goes to work sucking Jeremiah’s hard cock and goes back and forth between one of the waiting glasses down and sucking that cock! While he is deepthroating young Jeremiah, Kaleb fills up three glasses with his own yellow piss and downs those as well! Talk about recycling!

Eventually Jeremiah gets down on his knees and gives Kaleb a hot, wet deepthroat blowjob! All revved up, the two move to the couch where Kaleb straddles Jeremiah and sits all the way down on his rock hard cock and takes a deep, deep drilling! In the middle of this hard and sweaty fuck scene, Kaleb spins around and fills another glass full of his piss while riding on Jeremiah’s bone! It isn’t long before Kaleb is spraying his load all over himself!

Jeremiah pulls out of Kaleb’s horny hole to fill up two more glasses full of piss! Kaleb enjoys a glass of Jeremiah’s warm stuff and watches as Jeremiah blasts a hot and thick load of cum into the other full glass! Watch Kaleb down his favorite ever: a glass of piss and cum!

That’s 9 glasses of warm piss in one sweaty suck and fuck session!

Piss Sex Shower 3-way!

After a long day poolside, Kaleb and Jeremiah head to the shower. But this turns out to be a golden shower fuck fest! No bars of soap here! Jeremiah hoses Kaleb’s clothes down with his hot piss before Kaleb goes in and straight from his cock! David watches the soaking from the doorway and moves in for a better look at cockhungry Kaleb swallowing Jeremiah’s big pole! To Kaleb’s delight, David lets loose with his piss and Kaleb it down hungrily!

The two boys feed Kaleb their stiff cocks for a while and Kaleb takes every inch in his hungry throat before he lays himself down in the tub and let’s his own piss fly! He every drop he can catch with Jeremiah and David watching and stroking.

Jeremiah knows Kaleb loves a good hard fucking and he gives him all 9 inches! With David fucking his throat and Jeremiah deep-drilling his cockhungry ass, Kaleb is moaning and squirming when David hoses him down while getting fucked! After a long, hot fuck, Jeremiah feeds Kaleb another gushing hot piss stream before dumping his huge cum load into his wet piss-loving mouth! Kaleb gets so turned on tasting Jeremiah’s jizz that he blasts his own load all over himself and then gets a mouthful from David’s spurting boner too! It’s a golden shower of epic proportions!

Kaleb’s Swimming Pool Solo

22 year-old Kaleb goes for a naked sunbathing session in the pool when nature calls! This boy never lets piss go to waste though and his own twice in this scene...right there on a raft in the pool!

He works his hard uncut cock with a firm grip before squirting himself with a nice big load of cum!

Jeremiah’s Diving Board Solo

Jeremiah is a smooth, muscular blond twink with a huge cock that is always ready for a good jerk-off! Here we find him enjoying some alone time on the diving board...but before he jerks that big, thick cock he sits up and a stream of his own piss! And this hot boy pisses one huge, powerful gyser!

After a nice of piss, he lays back and works his cock until he cums all over himself...and then he finishes off with another hot of his own piss before diving into the pool!

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