Jonah Solo

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Jonah is a tall, handsome bundle of energy - when not filming, he spent most any free moment he had lifting weights, doing pushups, exercising, and keeping that body tone and tight. I think being in to and playing most any sport you can play comes, at least in part, from having tons of energy and always wanting to keep himself busy. Soccer is his favorite sport, so I suspect he is probably super sick of having everyone ask him things like, "You're so tall! Do you play basketball?". Soccer, people!
Once Jonah starts to strip down, you can really see how all of his staying active and playing sports has paid off - he is wonderfully defined, and in incredible shape. As the clothes keep coming off and eventually he peels away those shorts, you'll see the other incredible asset he brings to the table. While the tall guys and basketball stereotype might not be true, the tall lean guy one sure seems to be in his case!

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