joel – Buddies strung up by their wrists, made to kiss

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage, torture
Video language: English

Everyone wants something for nothing - especially handsome young lads on the street who present themselves as do-gooders while sticking their hands in your pocket.
Joel has spent all day on the street wiggling his arse while trying to get donations. Time for that bum to be properly displayed while still in his tight trousers. Dave hocks a few loogies on his face which quickly turns bright crimson with burning shame. Adrian whacks his shapely arse cheeks while Dave claims his bare feet tickling them mercilessly. He's made to confess how many women he's screwed in his life and then take a spanking for every one.
Joel is keen to hustle for money on the street by appealing to people's charitable nature. Here he's taught how to solicit for money in a more truthful way by flogging his wares like a rent boy on the street. Dave plays the customer and he wants a good sampling of the goods before he pays a penny. Joel's naked body is flattened on the icy cold floor and his arse is spread wide to get a good fucking with a dildo on a stick.
Mouthy Joel is well shut up with a big hard cock filling his mouth. He's taught that servicing a man's erection is hard work and he's trained to swallow it till his nose nuzzles into the man's pubes. His throat closes up in resistance and causes him to upchuck, but this only makes Adrian shove his dick further in. Joel's naked friend is brought back to kneel above him so he can feast on his package like so much ripe fruit.

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