Jiri Solo

Cast: Jiri
Genres: Theme Solo ,Build Lean ,Hair Brunette ,Black ,Chest Smooth ,Shaved ,Pubic Hair Trimmed ,Video HD High Def
Video language: English

Jiri is a hot Persian guy who has always done traditional fashion modeling. I think he changed agencies and decided that since many photographers want him to get naked that he may as well do some porn.It was super easy doing photos for him, and though it took a couple months of us going back and forth on doing the shoot, his cock was very responsive once I turned the porn on for him. It was about the only time I wish I had a video camera to record a guy doing a photoshoot. He would just stand there, stare at the porn, not even touching himself, and his cock would just stand up on it's own.Ironically though, when it came to the solo, he was glued to the TV and jerking rapid-fire. He has a pretty thick accent, and I think English is not his native language. He was great taking direction for photos, but the solo, I felt like the words I was using were to "porn lingo" for him to figure out.I do like his cumshot because he really ramps up and gets all sweaty and messy. Very sexy guy! When he left, he asked about doing more work, which surprised me because I felt like he debated doing the solo a very long time. As of writing this he hasn't agreed to do a Serviced video, but I know the seed has been planted in his mind, and I would love to get this guy back!

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Duration: 13:39
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