Innocence Lost

Release Year: 1987
Studio: Catalina
Cast: Breezy Lane Eric Manchester Jeff Quinn John Davenport Megan Givers Paul Carson Stacey Donovan
Genres: Bisexual / Hardcore / Sex
Video language: English

Eric Manchester and Stacey Donovan get busy under some stairs. They also get it on in a limo while Jeff Quinn is driving. Eric Manchester and Jeff Quinn fuck Breezy Lane in a vegetable department. John Davenport and Paul Carson do Megan Givers on stage. Megan Givers and Breezy Lane dildo Jeff Quinn. There's even a scene where everyone gets in an orgy on a web of tires.
Perhaps one of the more expensive looking bisexual videos, it follows the adventures of a swinging couple and their chauffeur. Husband and wife Paul Carson (a.k.a. Eric Manchester) and Stacey Donovan come out of a bar so hot to trot that she goes down on him in the alley behind the trash cans and he fucks her in the ass! After he's cum he shoves his dick back in her butt for some more; they soon continue to lick and paw each other in the back of their limo, aware that the handsome driver, Jeff Quinn (from the subway scene in Inch by Inch), is watching with interest while stroking his pud. As Eric starts to eat out her vagina, she moans and groans. Stopping at a supermarket, a madcap three-way ensues in the produce department, a now-famous scene (thanks to its flair and variety) which surely made this film ever-popular. Sexy Stacey is the exuberant catalyst, urging the two gorgeous guys on (and up), smearing their bodies with tomatoes and grapes. Eric soon sucks on Jeff's butthole; Eric fucks Jeff while Jeff fucks Stacey on the food stand (we get good shots of the three-way plug-in). This film also includes a versatile three-way on stage in a sex club that climaxes with John Davenport shooting a long-distance load. Here, Megan Givers strips for the crowd, especially horny John and Mike Ryan. They begin to caress her on stage and she gets his lips filled with John's huge beef. John plugs Megan's asshole while she sucks off Mike; John plows Mike's hole too. Later, Breezy Lane straps on a dildo and rams it up Jeff's butt while he fucks Nikki Randall. The finale of the movie features all eight performers having an orgy in a huge suspended sling made of fifty tires. All of the girls go down on the boys and the boys eat out the girls. The action switches and girl-girl, boy-boy couples form for sucking and fucking. An all-star cast and a slick production help make this one of the best bisexual films thus far. The sexual abandon is key and the actor's performances, as well as the photography and crisp close-ups, are top-notch.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:05:08
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 649.8 MB