Inches (1979) – Al Parker, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens

Release Year: 1979
Cast: Al Parker, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens, Steve Taylor, Max O'Sinsky, Carl Royce, David Sexon, Joe Roberts, Joe Shaunessy, Dan Noble, Greg Shaw
Genres: Cruising/Tricking, Hairy Guys, Pre-Condom Era, Anal, Oral, Classic, Feature
Video language: English

"Inches is an intelligent love story by Steve Scott about contemporary lovers. Al Parker (an up and coming photographer) decides to learn more about the swinging life and unknown sexual practices after his lover (Steve Taylor, his real-life lover) walks out on him.

The story opens with a tension-creating segment as Parker awakens from a dream, only to tie up his cock and balls and unload himself, while Taylor soaps up in the shower and does his own thing. Taylor leaves for a working trip; he returns at the end of the day feeling tired, but not too tired to get his ass licked by Parker or have it filled with hard meat.

However, Parker's nightmares and fears of his waning relationship begin to plague him; he dreams of Taylor languidly sucking three strangers' cocks (and his butthole methodically plowed by an endless series of boners) and confronts his lover with his unfounded jealousy. Taylor decides to end their already strained relationship; Parker retaliates by swallowing the dick of a hitchhiker in his jeep.

Later, the now-lonely Parker's prospects get better once he succumbs to the sexual interests of a horny co-worker (Bob Blount). He follows Blount to a sleazy bar where customers enjoy backroom sex to the pulsing beat of Bad Girls and Sunset People. Group groping and anonymous cock-sucking abound.

Following this, Parker decides to get to know Blount better. They go to a snowy mountain resort to have sex. Parker balls Blount in a momentous fuck sequence in the snow and by the fireplace. As they drive off into the sunset, the duo decide to keep it ambiguous in terms of commitment. Highlights, too, include Parker fucking a man with his cock and balls at the same time.

This film is very strong on plot and sentiment, and successfully recreates the glittering world of the male model: the photo sessions, the gallery openings, the cruisy bars, the artistic friends, and the glittery crowd. However, this overemphasis may not appeal to all."

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