Humiliated and exposed in front of a leering crowd

Release Year: 2010
Video language: English

Deep in his newly submissive nightmare of captivity and obedience, Dimitri cringes as I frogmarch him through the crowd, handcuff him and pull his trousers down. His arsecheeks exposed to the open air and stares of strangers, his straight cock is protected only by the skimpy jockstrap. Dimitri cowers in embarrasment as I pull his shirt up and over his head, his toned body on show to all and sundry.
As if being stared at and dragged around like a piece of meat isn't bad enough for the formerly proud straight football fan, I also clamp his nipples with some nasty clover clamps, and, with the attention of curious, excited onlookers, give the chain a few hard tugs, making the miserable boy grimace in pain while trying to hide his shame and agony from the sneering crowd.
I invite strangers to touch Dimitri's body, now my possession, no longer his own. I order him to bend over in front of sniggering, pointing boys, who photograph his exposed arse and sneer at the blushing straight man's humiliation.
Dimitri flinches away as a random guy grabs his nipple clamps and gives them a hard yank - my straight fucktoy is at the mercy of not just me, but any random lout I care to give him to.
But it's only going to get worse for our bitch boy. We drag him round the corner, and push him to his knees next to a busy road, before clamping his already sore nipples and holding him in place for our sexual pleasure. Cars honk as Mo shoves his dick into the cowering, frightened man's virginal arsehole, but we don't care if the entire town can see his bum being reamed - we want to get our ends away.
Cyclists cruise past just a few feet away as I shove my dick down Dimitri's throat, and the curious riders stare over at the humiliated man on all fours, shamefully lapping at my cock and balls like an animal.

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