Gordon & Vander Edge

Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Gordon was intrigued by the Edge video theme. So, after his solo I set the scene up.
That night while on his own he found a couple more of our big toys and 'practiced' taking them, hoping to really show us how much he can take. He may have even cum again on his own. He was horny after his solo and seeing such a wide array of dildos, he wanted to try them all.
I think he over did it. Even the big toy he slides in quickly during his solo would have had me wincing for a day to two after. He slid it up his ass fast!
In other words, he wore his ass out the day before this shoot.
Ok, no problem, we could just stick to straight up servicing.
Vander gets in there and works hard to get his cock hard. Once he gets him totally hard, he attacks from every angle.
When it came time to make him cum, we tried putting in a small butt plug, but his ass just was not having it, and Gordon even lost a bit of his boner. Out came the toy and Vander went back to trying to get him over the top.
But, it became clear that Vander was not going to be the one to make him cum. Gordon must have been close because as soon as he grabs onto his own cock, he immediately shoots a big load into Vander's open mouth!

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:26
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Audio: 112kbps

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