Gang of Fiv

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

Scene 1: roman maverick gangbang

Roman maverick posted on social media that he wanted to be tied up and gang fucked. Some other companies hawked back that they couldn’t do it (i won’t mention any names). Not treasure island media -- i said “fuck yeah, get your hole over here”.

A fuck bench, some chains & leather cuffs later and we were in business. Roman was face down, his asshole up and ready for slaughter. Billy blanco and his prime puerto rican cock takes over as pack leader rimming roman’s hole and then opening it up for the other guys to use. He verbally assaults the bottom and eggs the other guys on to fuck and breed. Not to outdone, esteban (who cums 3 times!), fx rios with his huge uncut monster dick, and newcummer rory stone make working roman’s ass over a team effort. Each trades off on coring out roman, letting him know that he’s just a hole to get them off. Fashionably late to arrive but just in time to cum, casanova drops by to drop his load deep into roman’s second hole. By the time the top guys are done -- roman is well used and the smell of cum and poppers in the room is like the finest filthiest bathhouse in the world.

Scene 2: billy warren gangbang

Billy warren is the consummate bottom cumpig. He’s been at us to get him gangbanged for a while. We told him to meet us down at a local club, bend over the bar and let us take care of the rest. The boys get billy on his knees and make sure he gets their cocks nice and wet. Rafael carreras fingers billy and turns him around so ryan powers can face dive into that hole, slicking it up for group. Billy presents his ass like a peacock in heat for breeding. After hitting the poppers good, he has rafael, ryan, joel someone & cesar xes all lined up ready for their turn at tearing into billy’s slutty raw ass. The cum addicted slut commands the tops to not let a second go by where his hole is not stuffed full -- until all the white stuff in the room is planted inside.

Scene 3: alex gangbang

Alex is a sexy boy to begin with, so imagine how much sexier he is with multiple cocks stuffing in his holes. When i started my search for gangbang bottoms, i asked alex if his hole could handle five guys. The little whore replied by telling me he’d taken 28 in a few hours at a dark room party. I called in some fresh meat, reliable breeders, and the super big guns to help me with alex’s ass. Gabriel alanzo, mr. Cali, esteban, kannon, cris knight & rob yaeger all showed up to fuck. One after the other the horny pooch men step up and dump their seed into the kid’s guts leaving him nice and wet and sloppy. Alex is such a hungry little cum dump, you can see it in his face, especially when he turns around to see esteban is behind him ready for a second round of stuffing his butt with that ass-punishing cock of his. Even after we were done, rob yaeger offered to breed him again, being a good cum hole; alex pulled his pants back down and bent over as we turned the cameras back on for one more load.

Scene 4: ty mitchell gangbang

Ty mitchell had never been gangbanged. He was like a kid in a candy store. Ty starts off on the bed literally surrounded by dick. Spread flat on his back –-- he has a cock in his mouth, one in each hand and two more manhandling his hole. Sam bridle is the first to fill up ty’s tight ass while the other guys stuff his throat. After that first load luke harding & k’oz take their turn spit-roasting ty. One by one they all dump their loads, making ty’s hole extra sloppy and wet. Boy banks steps up next. He fucks ty like he is in a trance edging his dick slowly inside the man’s hole taking his sweet time until his sperm is guts deep. Rafael carreras is the grand finale. Ty’s hole at this point is so irresistible, he just has to eat, finger, fuck, load and shrimp toe it. Ty liked it. He really really liked it.

Scene 5: gabriel alanzo gangbang

I told gabriel alanzo i’d bring him out to nyc from texas to shoot a scene for his birthday. What i didn’t tell him was that i was throwing him a little butt breeding party. Gabriel dallesandro, hans berlin, seth knight & alejandro vez were all invited to show this hungry dick pig a good time. I decided to give the guys a mini-cam to see just how close we could get you to the fucking. Are you ready for your close up, mr. Alanzo? Dallesandro power pounds alanzo over and over and the kid must have a hole of gold and/or some kind of incredible ass suction action because top gabriel keeps telling bottom gabriel that he is going to make him cum -- and try as he might to not, he finally succumbs to alanzo’s great milking canal unleashing a huge spurt of man jizz. Seth knight is so turned on by the scene that he spontaneously combusts and can’t stop himself from breeding the man’s hole. Hans is up next, fucking hard and aggressively getting lost in the sheer rapture of dumping his load. Leaving alejandro vez as the lucky cock that gets to use all that fine cum as lube spurting a huge triple shot of latino jizz.

If you are a bottom, you will want to be fucked by every one of the tops in gang of five. If you are a top, you will be wishing your dick was in each of these fine holes. I am getting hard just thinking about it!

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