DrOneDik tied up and used by Rawr ItsBen

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

DrOneDik finds himself dressed as a centurion, shackled at his wrists and ankles to a table. The shackles are not that taut, but, nevertheless, he does not have the use of his hands, or control what happens to his cock.
Rawr ItsBen is in control (no surprise there).
He tickles DrOneDik, who writhes suitably. Well, you can guess how this goes. DrOneDik is "abused" (well, not very much - people who take their bondage seriously will be sorely disappointed/annoyed), made to do things "against his will" (except he is rigidly) hard most of the time).
Ben is certainly turning him on with his antics and smutty talk. After plenty sucking of DrOneDik, Ben mounts DrOne's dick and pleasures himself on the lusciously hard rod.
DrOneDik never touched his own cock. Rawr ItsBen (again) does all the work. By the end, DrOneDik is literally coated in jizz from the pair of them - what a lucky boy.
They both make a big play at the end about how this is the first time DrOneDik has penetrated another guy. Part of me thinks this is ridiculous, but then, he is a big bottom, so there might be a grain of truth...
There is plenty of humour and affection in this, they are not taking it seriously. Seeing DrOneDik on his back, "restrained", kissing his buddy, rock hard, it is all pretty adorbs...

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Duration: 28:18
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