Dale – Wrenched and clamped, gut punching

Release Year: 2020
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Isn't it always the way that right when you settle down to relax some pushy prick from the gas company comes nosing around? After a full day of working his baggy uniform is rich with his sweaty masculine scent. It's impossible to resist taking a pervy look, copping a feel and stealing a sniff of this sexy blue collar stud.
Proud hetero Dale is one feisty fucker. He refuses to submit to becoming our cocksucking bitch fighting us at every step of the way. Rendered naked with his hands bound behind his back, there's little Dale can do battle against Derek's vicious flogging or Dave strong-arming the bastard to the floor.
Discipline and training in submission is what this mouthy hetero cunt needs! Bound arse-up on the table, Dale is in a painfully vulnerable position
Dale is in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be in. Bound spread eagle with his big arse presented in tighty whities so sheer you can see the dark crease of his arse. Derek goes in for a kiss but the proud straight bastard refuses to cuddle.
Hetero Dale can't get it into his thick head that he won't be fucking anyone anymore. He's the one who will be fucked from now on.

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Duration: 1:52:15
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