Chastity Release Suffering – Jean Bardot & Esmi Lee

Cast: Jean Bardot & Esmi Lee
Genres: Femdom, Strapon, Milking, Slave, Cum Eating, Chastity, Stockings, Small Penis Humiliation, Foot Ass Pussy Worship, Sissy, Cuckold, Bi Blowjob
Video language: English

Mistresses Jean Bardot and Esmi Lee are cruel keyholders who delight in locking up tiny and useless male cocks and making them suffer for their amusement. When making a locked up bitch dance for them is not entertaining enough, they order the bitch to suck on two cocks at a time - while being fucked in the ass by Esmi at the same time! The Mistresses just laugh as the bitch sucks cock while taking big black cock in the ass, leading up to his cum facial.

Amused by the cock sucking, the Mistresses now order two of their bitches to suck off another one - at the same time. The Mistresses make it a suck off competition, with at least one mouth on the cock at all times, telling their bitches that, if they want any hope of release, they had better get the stud slave cock off. As neither of their bitches do it well enough, the Mistresses have him cum on both of their locked up sissies' faces at the same time.

Esmi has fun tormenting one of the locked up bitch's with her pussy, all the while teasing him about being released. Jean and Esmi then use their bitches as feet and stockings cleaners before they decide to actually milk one of their chastity slaves. They make sure he cums in his own face to remind him that this is all about their pleasure, not his.

Jean and Esmi stand over their two locked up cuckolds, laughing about all the humiliating things that they will do for any hope of being released from the hell that is chastity torture. They know that you wish you were one of their sissies, actually getting to serve them. Besides, look at your tiny cock - it deserves to be locked up by a beautiful woman. Jean and Esmi tell you exactly how they want you to stroke your tiny cock,and when you cum, they tell you exactly how they want you to eat it too. After all, tiny dicked men everywhere need a Mistress to control their cocks.

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