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The Young Cadets

Video language: English

Chris Wiiliams is the new cadet on base and he's in for one hell of a hazing! When the others get a glimpse of Chris' thick juice-can piece of meat, they'll fight hell and high water to get it for their own! Tony Marino , Derek Jensen, and Mike Gregory also star in this pre-condom audience favorite by Producer Scott Masters and director Cameron Leight.

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Firsts Time – Chris Allen, Dane Ford, David Ashfield (1987)

Release Year: 1987
Cast: Blake Cass, Chris Allen, Chris Tompson, Dane Ford, David Ashfield, David Fields, Eric Stryker, Jesse Koehler, Kevin Collins, Michael Cummings, Michael Ram, Pierce Daniels, Ricky Turner
Genres: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Video language: English

Firsts is a sexy visual kaleidoscope of the many different ways youthful studs have a fun their 1st raunchy experiences jointly. In Blue, a dream sequence, David Ashfield and Michael Rain are the paramours of a wild imagination. In Home, Kevin Collins and Chris Thompson pound away in a forbidden spot. David Fields, a fresh-cheeked country chap, experiences hard town act with Dane Ford in Out of Town. A mind-blowing three-way in the Disco with Chris Allen, Michael Cummings and Ricky Turner. On the Job construction worker Jesse Koehler meets his fresh assistant Blake's rectal hole. In Return, paramours Eric Stryker and Pierce Daniels are reunited in a number of X-rated ways after a lengthy weeks separation.

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Duration: 1:26:49
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Hot Fuck At Hell

Release Year: 1994
Cast: Hal Rockland, Scott Baldwin, Brad Hunt, Trent Reed, Steve Fox, Joe Spears, Steve Harper, Jackson Phillips, Luc Russell, Bruce Matthews, Bryce Colby, Rob Costa, Kurt Thompson
Genres: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Fisting, Classic
Video language: English

Stunning videoography, scorching hot sex, an awesomely brutal gang bang , and Bryce Colby's still-discussed self-fuck with an orange street cone are just the tip of the iceberg in this boy version of Thelma & Louise. (But without the car flying over any cliffs.) Rockland and Baldwin are the hottest duo onscreen in years, their romantic chemistry perfect and their final scene together will have you reaching for your tissues and the replay button. It's the icing (or the cum) on the cake of this John Rutherford-helmed must-own. This is still, years later, one of Falcon's most-deserving biggest sellers, and it's easy to see why: It truly is a gay adult classic.

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Bareback Retro Sluts

Release Year: 1998
Genres: pre-condom compilation, anal, oral, bareback
Video language: English

Rowdy man action running amuck, dozens of big, hard cocks to suck, asses all primed and juiced up to fuck, and wild climaxes just brimming with buckets of cum. Vintage pre-condom action from the 1970's including scenes from Workmen's Compensation, Muscle, Sweat & Brawn, The Crotch Watcher, Against The Rules and Champs.

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Duration: 1:16:06
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Bareback Rosebud (1998) – Johnny Dean, Kurt Young, Joey Hart

Release Year: 1998
Cast: Steven Shostak Joey Hart Johnny Dean Griff Thorson Kurt Young Tommy Cruise Gregg Arlen Jay Strong Wade Peters Brian Roberts Vincent Demarco
Genres: Feature Muscles Safe Sex
Video language: English

Private Investigator Mickey Chandler (Kurt Young) is hired by District Attorney Lex Bender (Johnny Dean) to re-investigate the of high-priced hooker Steven Shostak (aka Buddy Rose). The D.A. knows that Jack Thorton did it, but he has no proof. And he knows that it would be double jeopardy to re-try him for the same crime. But it's more than that, it's personal. He offers Chandler $10,000 up front and $20,000 when he discovers the truth behind the infamous and reveals it only to him. Chandler asks why it's so important, only to be told it's none of his business and to get to work. Over the next few days, Chandler meets with three men, all claiming to be an eye witness to the events leading up to the Shostak .

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Duration: 1:26:37
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 1954kbps
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Smooth Moves Vol. 2 – Bobby Cummings, Brandon Wells (1990)

Release Year: 1990
Cast: Chel, Keith Bradshaw, Bobby Cummings, Sandy Blue, Brandon Wells, Rodney
Genres: Classic, Twink, Anal, Group Sex, Solo, Oral, Precondom
Video language: English

This the sequel you've been waiting for, and you thought you would never look forward to moving. This is the second volume is available for those who can't get enough of skinny, long-haired young models playing with their dinky things. Brandon Wells is still trying to get help moving, but his friends are at it again! Each and every one of them is too distracted by trying to get off. They fuck by the fire, jerk off in the bathroom, and enjoy a threesome in the living room. In fact, they try out every room in the house!

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Duration: 1:16:43
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1953kbps
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Sailor In the wild Vol.2

Release Year: 1990
Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Muscle, Classic
Video language: English

Catalina coverman, Ray Stockwell, makes his penetrating return in this ultimate all-male action sequel, Sailor In The Wind 2. Let these eleven love pumping "clean cuts" enlist you in the classic tradition. In the maneuvers you want to see. In the prime of their lives .. In The Wild.

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Duration: 1:16:11
Video: 640x480, XviD, 2016kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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Fantasize (1984) – Brian Hawks, Mark Rebel, Randy Page

Release Year: 1984
Cast: Brian Hawks, Brian Nichols, Mark Rebel, Nick Jerrett, Randy Page, Wayne Ferrara
Genres: Classic, Anal
Video language: English

Shot partly on location in a Pleasure Chest adult toy store, we follow both employees and customers during their fantasies and some realities. Customer Randy Page gets an eye from fellow customer Rebel and we enter a fantasy with both in leather undie gear. Rebel tops the ever-willing Page, who is in collar and cums much too quickly.

Rebel then tries on a pair of red shorts in the dressing room, which becomes a smoke-filled fantasy room, where he jerks off alone, after flexing in mirrors and admiring himself.

Format: mp4
Duration: 57:11
Video: 1280x720, MP4V, 3872kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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The Art Of Touch Vol.1 – An Erotic Massage

Cast: Uncredited
Video language: English

Physical contact, no matter its form, brings about profound changes in our bodies and minds. From a firm hug to a gentle caress to passionate lovemaking, man's need to touch and be touched is a powerful human instinct. Join us for a journey of discovery - an intimate guide to massage. For men. About men. Our models will demonstrate the ancient dance of touch, using fingers, bodies, and hearts, sharing centuries old massage techniques refined through the ages and only now focused and tailored to today's man's need. Join us for the Art Of Touch, an intimate guide to male massage.

Format: avi
Duration: 42:27
Video: 640x432, DivX 5, 1171kbps
Audio: 93kbps

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Reflections of youth Vol.1

Release Year: 1974
Genres: Fratboy, College, Twinks, Young Men, Pubic Hair, Oral & Anal Sex
Video language: English

This vintage gay porn film classic is loosely framed by the meeting and subsequent conversations of a blond (Davey Williams) and a brunet (Ron Perry) who regale each other with sexual secrets about their friends. Gym teacher Big Bill Eld yanks his massive hose in front of his students; two men suck cock and assholes 69-style; a "straight" dude gets his dick mouthed by a man for the first time; ass-pumping pile-driving on a naturally lit sofa; and a pair who start in the shower and end up on in a wet-floored sauna.
Physical education and adolescent sexuality get center stage in this Toby Ross first flick full of youthful innocence and enthusiasm. Juicy "boy-men" share sucking and fucking. There's a pair of young guys with beautiful, hard dicks, smooth bodies and talented mouths who get it on in their dorm room. Big Bill Eld plays a handsome gym coach who likes to get naked and masturbate standing on his desk. He yanks his massive hose, choking it to spewing point. Students get a physical education in the locker room and showers and a straight men is given an initiation into gay sex by a buddy. No shaved balls or dicks in this voyeuristic delight!i
"...Shot in San Francisco...Reflections of Youth, one of Toby Ross's early efforts [1974], is charmingly clumsy in the way that we all were at eighteen. A bunch of young guys suck and fuck and jerk their puds with high teen tension (all sex was shot without sound, and the groovy 1970's music is alternatively wild and inane, from country to wawa guitar to pretentious Yes art rock...). No shaved buns or balls here! It's au naturel avec les cheveux." -- Hunt
"Youth has always been the popular commodity in the gay marketplace, and the fascination of this film -- even for those not particularly interested in 'young stuff' -- is the way in which it views a group of juicy boy-men, sexual creatures in transition from post pubertal exploration to sexual maturity.... The transfer to video is decent if not exceptional, and the sound track of Golden Oldies adds piquancy to this film that still tempts the pederast lurking in so many of us." -- Manshots.
The transfer to DVD for this gay sex film movie is exceptional

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