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One In A Billion – Al Parker, Brad Mason, Glenn Steers

Cast: Al Parker, Brad Mason, Mike Mcdonald, Dave Connors, Giorgio Canali, Glenn Steers, Jason Hill
Genres: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Video language: English

One in a Billion, legend Glenn Steers was directed by gay porn legend Al Parker.
Heavy balled and huge cocked (it's long and thick and veiny) Dave Connors debuts in this film as a man who magically acquires the power to read other men's thoughts and finds that they're thinking about sex, which leads to some interesting situations. Dave acquires these powers when a coin he tosses it into the box owned by his neighborhood newspaper seller (Al Parker, in a cameo) lands on its side. Before the credits of the film, Dave beats his huge meat, shaking his weighty nuts.On the way to the office, Dave and another businessman, Glenn Steers, get it on in a glass elevator. Steers, with his own large boner, a hairy chest and out-standing nipples, strips with Dave and shoves his tool up the big man's ass.At the office, Dave orders breakfast. It's delivered by uncut and sexy Giorgio Canali, who decides to stay for his own kind of breakfast. Connors ends up plowing the man atop his desk in slow-paced thrusts that are captured from good angles. Connors does not seem to get all the way hard, but it doesn't really matter since he's so well-endowed. Canali, on the other hand, stays rock-hard throughout his fuck and gets his toes and fingers sucked by his topman. Connors then takes the day off and borrows a company van. At a car wash, he seduces a youthful worker, Jason Hill, and gets his meat swallowed as the van moves and passes through the wash. The finale features Dave at home in the tub, while two TV repairmen (Brad Mason and Mike McDonald) fix his television, also in the bathroom. They break into sex that includes the blond sucking both of their cocks, a lot of play with precum from three hard dicks, a three-way sandwich fuck, and obvious interest in the action by all of the players.Not as well-done as director Al Parker's other works, but captures a lot of sexual heat. The film is, at times, a bit slow moving and the lighting is not the greatest in this collection of unlikely

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The Best off

Release Year: 1990
Genres: Gay, Vintage, Classic
Video language: English

part three only best scenes classic twinks bareback anal! enjoy!

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Singlehanded depicts the solo fantasies of seven separate studs, and shows that one isn't necessarily the loneliest number! Scorching segments include Bareskin Rug, Hot Marine, Forest Fantasy and Mirror Magic. John Holmes makes an unexpected but welcome appearance and he proves he doesn't need a partner to engage his private parts.

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Duration: 54:45
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Oversize Load

Release Year: 1984
Genres: Muscle, Blowjob, Oral, Anal, Cumshot, Beard, Kissing, Facial, Cum Eat, Threesome, Hairy, Rimming
Video language: English

Oversize load is the story of a warehouse worker traveling with his trusty in his new truck, seeking out truckers. Scoot O'Hara encounters Cody Steele, a hot truck driver and a wild sex scene comes about. Next Scott stops at a truck stop to clean up. While in the truckers' showers, he witnesses a hot scene between two more hot humpy truckers. Jeff Turk and newcomer Franco Gonella. On the road again Scott and his faithful stop at a roadside port-o-potty and encounter a hot blond number, Ken Worth. Directed and produced by Al Parker, and shot on location on the highway, Oversize Load marks a new high.

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Cumming My Way (1983) – Jeremy Scott, Jeff Scott, Pat Fulton

Release Year: 1983
Cast: Jeremy Scott, Jeff Scott, Pat Fulton, Jeff Hunter, Chad Scott, David Shaw, Russ Williams, Chip Robertson
Genres: Classic, Muscles, Pre-Condom, Twinks
Video language: English

Get ready for 3 super-hits! In Cumming My Way big Jeff Scott and his friend Chip Robertson get down to experienced activity in the hall outside the bedroom door where little Jeremy and his buddy Russ Williams are discovering each other in bed. Cabin in the woods featuring Jeff Hunter and Pat Fulton at a small ski resort cabin exploring the fresh joys of new young love. Breakthrough stars college roommates Chad Scott and David Shaw in a sizzling locker-room fantasy that leads to their living room for more mutual gratification.

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Duration: 56:09
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The Experiment – Tony Ross, Dave Craig, David Blair (1972)

Release Year: 1972
Cast: Dave Craig, David Blair, Eva Faye, Gorton Hall, Jimmy Hughes, Joey Daniels, Mike Stevens, Peter Thomas, Robert Weaver, Tony Ross
Genres: Feature, Classic, Twink, Anal, Oral, Pre-Condom
Video language: English

One night, Billy Joe and his best friend Gary Lee experiment by taking turns down deep throating each other's cocks. After experiencing sex in the arms of another man, Billy Joe leaves his small town for Los Angeles to explore his newfound homosexuality. Along the way, he fucks a muscular long-haired hunk and a handsome rich boy. Back home, Gary Lee has a hot fuck session with a good-looking hung young man he meets in the woods. Eventually, Billy Joe realizes he must go home to tell his re latives the truth about himself. Both Billy's and Gary's journeys lead to acceptance, empowerment and wild sex

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Mercury Rising

Release Year: 1997
Cast: Travis Wade, Brian Daniels, Blake Anderson, Mitchell Stevens, Eric Hanson, Noel Hardwick, Nick Ford, Tristan Paris, Rod Barry
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

A request has been made to seed an old torrent of this. I don't have that file, but I do have this, my own rip from the DVD, and I can vouch for its quality. Some of our favourite stars are looking at their youthful prime - there are some excellent moments, and excellent filming to boot.

I suppose that Travis Wade won't be the last guy to get the horn over a pretty car. Travis [scene 1] sees a red Mercury car for sale, which he just has to buy. After talking to the owner, he is fantasising about the car, suddenly miraculously naked in the back seat of it enjoying a frenetic wank. He teases us by fingering his perfect bum (close enough for us to tongue) before shooting on the car's bonnet. He test drives the car [scene two] when he happens upon cute Brian Daniels and offers him a ride. Before long, Brian is offering Travis his mouth and hole for a good fucking (he pauses on the way to give Travis that tonguing we would all like to give him). Travis needs to find a way of paying for the car [scene 3]: his sinister trannyish mum will help so long as he gets a job. He decides to earn some money by driving a farm tractor, only thing is that Blake Anderson and Mitchell Stevens at the farm soon realise he has never driven a tractor before, so they punish him by getting him to fuck them both. Finally [scene 4] he is on his way to collect the car (all methods of raising money to pay for it are conveniently forgotten). Travis finds Eric Hansen getting down to it at his pool with Nick Ford and Noel Hardwick. Nick wants the car and will do anything to get it, including being fucked by Noel and Eric. It is only after they have all cum that Eric tells him the car has already been sold. This is a great scene - these three guys are simply drop- gorgeous, the fucking, sucking and rimming ought to get those juices flowing. Back at the farm [scene 5, which doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of the film], Travis catches Tristan Paris and Rod Barry fooling around. Rod works a pile of increasingly girthsome toys (no doubt, staple fare for every farm) up Tristan. Finally, Travis wakes from a dream where he seemed to relive part of the Brian Daniels event. Did he dream it all? No, Brian Daniels' shirt has miraculously appeared in his bedroom, so it really was all true.

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The Last Surfer (1984) – Jake Scott, Michael Christopher, Tony Rocco

Release Year: 1984
Cast: Daniel Holt, Claudette Folger, Kathi Stewart, Tad Ryan, Broderick Sterling, Paul Cambrose, Jeff Folger, Stefan Peach, Jake Scott, Michael Christopher, Tony Rocco
Genres: Anal, Oral, Twinks, Masturbation, Solos, Outdoor Sex, Pre-Condom
Video language: English

Set in the mid-1960's, this film stars Michael Christopher as a teenager torn between his pretty girlfriend and his hot yearning for his gay friend, Clinton. The two young men are about to be shipped to Vietnam and find consolation in each other's arms. The photography is classic and the 60's music is great! But all is overshadowed by the intense, hot love-making.

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Erotikus A History Of The Gay Movie (1978) – Casey Donovan, Fred Halsted

Release Year: 1978
Cast: Fred Halsted, Ed Fury, Gary Conway, Glen Corbet, Stanley Jackson, Monty Hanson, Casey Donovan, D.C. Michaels, Poco Allen, Sky Kinky, Larry Dancer, Ruffin Tumble
Genres: Compilation, Hunks, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Interracial, Group, Threeways, Pre-Condom
Video language: English

Erotikus is not entirely serious, but none the less accurate effort to document the history of the Gay movie, from it's innocent, softer-than-soft core beginning up to it's present day development. Using excerpts from eleven of its best 16mm gay erotica films ever made, plus scenes from some of the earliest underground and mail order 8mm films, the naked narrator, Fred Halsted, guides the viewer through decades of all male erotica. But Erotikus is hardly one of those dry, boring documentaries with too much talk and not enough action. Frame for frame, it contains More Sex than any other gay film in release. By its nature it presents only the best of the best, the "creme de la creme".

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Retro Sex Compilation With Billy Herrington

Release Year: 1999
Cast: Billy Herrington, Nick Yeager, Spike, David Pierre, Peter Wilder, Ben Damon, Cody Tyler, Andy Zee, Geoff Ashton
Genres: anal, oral, group, mastrubation
Video language: English

Billy Herrington is delicious. His cock is delicious (just ask David Pierre). His butthole is delicious (just ask Spike). "Billy Herrington's Body Shop" (1999) is delicious. Director Chi Chi LaRue has created a flick that just drips with hot oil, sweat and cum. Mr. Herrington and his huge muscles dominate, but with an unexpected openness: Spike and David Pierre rim and finger-fuck him with abandon. It all takes place in a garage with Billy jacking off between the scenes in various states of undress and arousal, his oil-stained coveralls slowly but surely winding up on the dirty cement floor. Cut to: Andy Zee, a lanky brunet, in the garage's bathroom jacking off. Soon enough, Peter Wilder, a muscular brunet, joins him and they trade blows as Peter eats Andy's butt before they both shoot nice loads. Spike, Billy and Cody Tyler near a workbench. Compact and hung Spike chomps away like a madman on both Billy and dirty-blond Cody. Then Billy turns around and bends over, in a buffalo-stance position, and invites Spike to eat his hairy ass. And eat he does. Spike licks and pokes away at Billy's hole enthusiastically. Spike alternately fucks Billy's hole with his tongue and his fingers. And Billy can't seem to get enough of touching Spike's hard dick as he strokes it with his beefy paw every chance he gets. Spike then licks Cody's pink butt. The scene ends with Spike rubbing his huge dick between Billy's massive pecs with his cockhead just inches away from Mr. Herrington's purty mouth. Billy jacks Spike off with his calloused hands. Then Cody cums. Billy then jacks a load off and Spike licks his hairy pecs and spoons cum into Billy's mouth.

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