Boys don’t cry!

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Rodri Gommez, Ronald Laska, William Berry, Mark Damon, George Michaelo, Pablo Marcia, Patrik Maly, Roman Liska, Jirka Straka, Felix Wallace, Peer Paulus, Kriss Stahl, Adrian Winter
Genres: Gay, Skater Fetish, Big Dicks,
Video language: English

The Skater Boys® Movie: 'Boys don't cry'

Have you ever already seen a movie where each scene has something special? In agree with Skater-Boys® movies, Marcel Bruckmann offers scenes with particularly cool models. This movie is characterized by a nice mixture of different guys. That means that you will find with certainly your favourite model and you will appreciate what models do on the set.

In this movie Top-class actors like the /Skater-Boys® starsRonald Laska Kriss Stahl and Adrian Winter are surrounded by 10 new models!!! We have reason to think that 4 of them should be nemed "new future Skater Boys® stars". One of them is certainly Adrian Winter's boyfriend Mark Daemon the second one is the slim blond guy Manuel Hossa. Third is Felix Wallace and the last but not the least George Michaelo. You will see these 4 models in the new man's art production "In bed with my Pal". The movie outtakes included will show you how the work goes on the stage.

Scene 1:
Ronald Laska in the cloakroom compels Felix Wallace to pull off not only the T-shirt. When Felix is sitting there completely naked be its tail goes up, because he hopes for a good fuck. But must be before a good fucking until well blown, and then suck and blow Felix the tail of Ronald hard ..... very hard ..... That he doing so, the T-shirt tearing, does not bother Ronald, that makes him even hornier. Felix gets the fuck in the stand he has earned, the tail hurts in his hole but he enjoys it and squirts his cream on the floor. Ronald is now the turn, but his cream is not wasted, Felix läst anything go awry, and his whipped cream still tastes Ronald kiss as the two are so moist.

Scene 2:
In the second scene to make it together Kriss Stahl and George Michaelo. While hard nipples beist Treatment with nipple clamps George his teeth, and can be seen only on his hard cock of his sorrow. He blows his cock Kriss from once to give him relief. He enjoys it as Kriss his hot semen into his mouth and running down his face. Kriss läst not ask for a long time and worked well the tail of the George almost spurts, but still well in advance to lick his hole läst. Kriss licks and plays with his fingers on the virgin hole. As a reward for this extensive finger and tongue play Kriss still gets a good fuck by George with this then shoots again. George also wants to inject himself by Kriss now and is glad for this process the eggs and the hole.

Scene 3:
Adrian Winter and Mark Damon is not just another horny but also a couple. This becomes even during sex. It begins with a kiss and will stop it. After extensive kisses Mark brings his stiff hard cock from his pants by Adrian. He then injects wixt the course until he marks his face. This is Adrian but not enough and wixt immediately once the cream from his cock! Mark is enthusiastic and takes the load on. Adrian now wants to taste the tail of his friend in the mouth and takes it himself. Mark can only inject the hole when he sees his friend and is fingered. Adrian turns his hole like his friend, but the fingers are not enough for him, and marks a huge dildo in his hand. This pain is what Adrian needs, and Mark is so horny from his cries that he placed him into the hole. Adrian feels the cream in his hot hole and it is so hot that he wants to know it again, and with the help of his friend's legs wide shoots.

Scene 4:
The young Latino Rodri Gommez wants to blow tails, and it has the blond slim Manuel Hossa and very innocent-looking Felix Wallace made clear. He licks and works both cocks alternately wet and exchanged kisses with both. Now Felix will also taste once a Latino cock and takes the rigid part in the mouth. It tastes good, but the crowning glory of being thrown from the fat tail of Manuel, during the Rodri Latino squirts him in the face. Thus aufgegeilt he injects with her tail by Manuel in the hole. Manuel also injects and takes his cream into his mouth and does not forget Felix can taste it.

Scene 5:
Macho is a Southern läst likes to lick the hole Pablo Marcia. He is slender with a hard fat cock. He has the two blond types Jirka Straka and Roman Liska fished from Prague. Both know well what to do with her mouth on the Spanish hard tail. He himself takes even like the fat tail of novel in his mouth while he is licking himself by Jirka good and deep the hole. Jirka has not only a good tongue, but also a horny hole, Pablo fucks him with angry, he satisfies himself literally to the sphincter. But Jirka is on such a treatment and from splashes. Roman puts Jirka during fucking his cock into her mouth and fucks in up to his throat. Roman injects him with lust deep in the neck and Pablo can no longer contain himself and is glad for his taste Jirka cream. He enjoys it for a long play with the cream and include them in his mouth.

Scene 6:
Blonde and black always fits. This is demonstrated by William Berry, and Patrik Maly. But who fucks whom? No panic, fucking in this scene, blowing, licking and fingering each jeden.Beide guys are on the same and satisfy himself after another. Patrik läst to sneak in a standing one at William and draufsetzt rather have the hard pace yourself determined.

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