Apprentice Basinger – Chapter 1 – The Interview

Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Apprentice Basinger sat expectantly, wondering with intense anticipation what Grandmaster Wolf would ask him. Entrance into the Masonic Order wasn’t guaranteed, and Basinger knew that it would require more than just a sunny smile and a charming personality. Basinger had always pushed himself to be the best, wanting to be seen as capable and reliable especially by his older mentors. He knew the Masons offered him a chance to prove himself and be accepted into a larger fraternity of men much like himself. Of course, like anything else, he did his best to prepare for the challenge and come with a strong, confident presentation. But once he saw Grandmaster Wolf, his fortitude was shaken. The tall, handsome older man stood a solid foot taller than the young initiate. He had a stern yet not unwelcoming appearance, reinforced by the fine white suit he wore. He was practically like an archangel, delivering a message of warning and caution. Basinger felt he should tread lightly, not wanting to disappoint his interviewer, but deep down, he found himself distracted by the way he looked at him. The questions started simple at first. Information about school and sports and activities fell out of Basinger’s mouth like they were pre-recorded deep in his lungs, set to auto-response from a lifetime of regurgitating the facts and details of what made him stand out amongst his peers. But what struck Basinger strange, setting him off his routine, was when Grandmaster Wolf began to ask him about his sexuality. The older man didn’t come out directly and ask him if he was gay, but he hinted at the idea by asking if he’d ever been attracted to men. Basinger felt like this was a trap, one he had to avoid at all costs in order to get what he wanted. He denied any such feelings, knowing full well that he was in that very moment trying to suppress his arousal to the questioner. Grandmaster Wolf was no fool, however. He knew that Basinger was hiding something. He could see the subtle ways in which Basinger would steal glances at his body, eyeing the space between his thighs, even parting his lips ever so slightly as if in thought about what that spot concealed. Wolf knew he had to put Basinger to the test. He told him to remove his clothes, leaving just his sheer, white underwear on. Basinger was confused and reluctant at first, but Wolf’s words were delivered with such authority, Basinger was compelled to comply. And of course, Basinger was unexpectedly happy to do so. Wolf could see that Basinger was sporting a pretty substantial member beneath his sheer underwear. The thin white fabric draped delicately over an impressive size of manhood sprouting upward. Apprentice Basinger didn’t know what to do, knowing that any objection could put his position in the order in jeopardy. So he went along with Grandmaster Wolf’s instructions, answering his questions and sitting still in patience. When Grandmaster Wolf tied the young man’s hands behind his back, Basinger knew the interview was taking a direction he had not prepared for. He’d heard rumors of the crazy various rituals and ceremonies the Masons performed, but he didn’t think they were still in practice. He had imagined a number of archaic formalities would have been lost to modernization, keeping the organization more aligned with occupational pursuits and tradecraft. But as Basinger’s assumptions began to shatter, he saw a dark spot appear on the cloth covering his cock. It was a small, wet droplet forming against the white material of the underwear. Precum. Basinger was leaking precum onto his shorts, stimulated and aroused by the intimate way Grandmaster Wolf tied him to the chair, keeping him in place. Basinger was confused and alarmed, but no more so than when Grandmaster Wolf placed the tip of his long, powerful finger down on the spot, catching the liquid on his skin and gently pulling it away in a silky, thin string. Apprentice Basinger didn’t know if Wolf would cast him out for that, but then, to his complete shock, Basinger watched as Grandmaster Wolf took the tip of his wetted finger and placed it in his mouth. The boy trembled, not knowing what the older man was capable of, but finding himself unquestionably desperate to find out...

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